Industrial Engineering Curriculum and Courses


GEC – General Education Component (15 SH total).

Social Science and Humanities courses selected in Plan of Study to satisfy College of Engineering requirements. See the guide from Student Development Center for a list of acceptable courses. Among the GEC courses, at least 3 SH must be Social Science courses and another 3 SH must be Humanities courses. At least 6 SH must be intermediate 3000 level courses, at least one of which is a 3000+ level course in the same department as the lower level course completed by the student.

EFA – Elective Focus Area (21 SH total).

Courses selected in Plan of Study to satisfy departmental requirements. At least 3 SH of EFA courses must be a mathematics/science elective. See EFA guide.

Systems Elective

The systems elective is a 3000+ level, Industrial Engineering course designated to count as a systems elective course.  Students can take IE:4550 (56:155) or ENGR:2730 (57:017). Alternatively, students can take a 6000+ level Industrial Engineering course (3 sh), with the permission of the instructor, to fulfill this Systems Elective requirement.

Sophomore and Professional Seminars

IE students who have completed the Sophomore Seminar in the University of Iowa College of Engineering, but in a program other than IE (e.g., BME, CBE, CEE, ME), are not required to enroll in the IE Sophomore Seminar IE:2000 (056:020). Those students should consult directly with their advisor about EFA choices in IE. However, students transferring from another college or institution are required to complete the IE Sophomore Seminar.

All students enrolled in the IE program must complete two IE Professional Seminars IE:3000 (056:091) before graduating. The IE Professional Seminar is offered in Spring semesters only. Students, who cannot register for the IE Professional Seminar in a spring semester due to participation in a co-op, internship, study abroad, or similar program, are permitted to enroll in the Mechanical Engineering Professional Seminar ME:3091 (058:091), which is offered in fall semesters. This substitution requires advisor’s approval.

Coursework Requirement

128 SH of specific coursework are required for graduation. Students may take additional coursework that will not be applicable toward degree requirements.

Foreign Language Requirement

Satisfactory completion of 2 years of one high school foreign language or 1 year of one college-level foreign language is required.