Joint BS/MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Picture of students studyingA Bachelor of Science/Master of Science joint degree program is available for qualified Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students, which allows students to complete a Master of Science degree in two or three semesters after completion of the Bachelor of Science degree. Students in the joint degree program are allowed to take up to 12 semester hours of upper level undergraduate and graduate level courses* toward the M.S. degree and attend one of the Mechanical Engineering Program's graduate seminars in place of the undergraduate seminar before the conferral of the Bachelor of Science degree. Of these courses, 6 semester hours may be counted towards both the B.S. and M.S. degrees. The requirements for admission to the program are (a) completion of at least 80 semester hours of credits, (b) a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 or higher, and (c) a letter of application submitted to the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Chairperson during the second semester of the junior year, before the start of the senior year. A student in the combined program receives a B.S. degree when all requirements for that degree have been completed, and then becomes a regular M.S. level graduate student in the department. Students in the program may work with a faculty member on a M.S. thesis project during the senior year of undergraduate study.

Interested students should discuss the joint BS/MS Degree Program with their advisor during the junior year. Students can contact any faculty member in the MIE department to inquire about participation in the BS/MS program, research opportunities, and financial support.

Interested students should read the complete policy of and instructions for applying to the Joint BS/MS Degree Program of the MIE Department. As part of the application process, students must complete the MIE BS/MS Application Form (this is not to be confused with Application to Graduate Admissions).

*Upper-level ME courses are numbered 4100 to 5999; Graduate ME courses are numbered 5000-7999.  See the Policy for Numbering of ME Courses for more information on ME course numbering.