Virtual International Project Team (VIPT)

The VIPT program is currently undergoing major revision for the 2016-2017 academic year, and discussions are underway with other institutions about potential partnerships with the University of Iowa in the VIPT program.  Please check back soon for updates.


Universite_de_ProvenceOver the past decade, engineering has become a more global profession. The College of Engineering at the University of Iowa (UI) is partnering with the Universite of Provence (UP) in Marseille, France to provide an international project experience for undergraduate engineering students called Virtual International Project Teams (VIPT). The admission process for VIPT takes place during the Spring semester.  Students apply on ICON by clicking on Mechanical and Industrial Senior Design Sign-up under Ongoing semester (you will need to click on the "semester" drop-down list and change the current selection, "Spring 2013 to Ongoing"). To sign up, go to the Dropbox and upload your resume to "Request for Resume" and then go to Surveys to complete the survey form.

The VIPT program involves substantial interaction between students from the two universities on a collaborative project that lasts for two semesters (typically in the senior year). It accounts for a total of four semester hours (4 s.h.). Students should register for ME:4086 (58:086) ME Design Project (Section 3: VIPT) for 2 s.h. in the Fall semester, and for ME:4186 (58:186) Enhanced Design Experience (Section 2: VIPT) for 2 s.h. in the Spring semester. Upon successful completion of this course sequence, 1 s.h. from ME:4186 (58:186) will be applied towards ME:4086 (58:086) in order to fulfill the 3 s.h. requirement for ME:4086 (58:086). The second semester hour from ME:4186 (58:186) will remain in the course pool or may be used in an EFA.

Students who are selected for the VIPT program cannot participate in the PEDE program. However, the VIPT program satisfies the PEDE requirement for students who are in the Design EFA. Since the PEDE program is a total of 6 s.h., but the VIPT program is only 4 s.h., Design EFA students need to make up for the difference in semester hours by selecting another elective from the list that is approved for the Design EFA.