Beckermann Receives NASA Grant to Study Metal Solidification

Friday, January 14, 2011

University of Iowa News Release

Christoph Beckermann, University of Iowa Foundation Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of the Solidification Laboratory in the College of Engineering, recently received a three-year, $450,000 NASA grant to study the effects of convection on the solidification of metal alloys.

Technically described as a study of "the effect of convection on columnar-to-equiaxed transition in alloy solidification," the project is a study of how heat transfer affects the solidification of metal alloys and their respective strengths and other properties. The results could affect the way in which metals are prepared for use in a wide range of devices ranging from cars and aircraft to computers.

A UI faculty member since 1987, Beckermann is internationally recognized for his research in solidification phenomena and materials processing.