Chandran Is Co-author of Second Edition

Monday, April 9, 2012

K. B. Chandran, who holds the Lowell G. Battershell Chair in Biomedical Engineering and is professor of biomedical engineering, recently co-authored the second edition of "Biofluid Mechanics--The Human Circulation," a new text for use in coursework in the application of fluid mechanics to the study the human circulatory system.  The book is intended for senior undergraduate or for first-year graduate students in biomedical engineering.

Chandran's co-authors are Stanley E. Rittgers, professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Akron; and Ajit P. Yoganathan, who holds the Wallace H. Coulter Distinguished Faculty Cahir in Biomedical Engineering and is professor and associate chair for research in biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory Universities.

Examining the biodynamics of heart disease, the radically updated edition reviews the fluid mechanical analysis of blood flow in the human arterial circulation. It focuses on the development and progression of the disease as well as the tools and technology at the cutting edge of treatment.  Applying the theory of fluid mechanical principles in human circulation, the text evaluates the design and development of circulatory implants, such as artificial heart valves, ventricular assist devices, and vascular grafts. The edition includes a new chapter on simulations, along with new illustrations, problems, and examples. 

The textbook is published by CRC Press, a unit of the Taylor & Francis Group.