College Inaugurates Faculty Milestone Awards

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The College of Engineering has inaugurated a new program -- Faculty Milestone Awards -- to recognize faculty accomplishments in research and graduate education that reflect career productivity well beyond the norms for promotion and tenure.

The awards cover eight key categories:  Peer Review Publications, Doctorate Advising, Master's Advising, Research Grants and Contracts, Patents, Fellows, Editors, and Books.  Listed in each category are Engineering faculty who have excelled and have provided a model for others to emulate.

In several categories, a faculty member with the highest value in that category leads the list.

Peer Review Publications: Greg Carmichael with 260

Doctorate Advising:  Jasbir Arora with 42

Master's Advising:  Ralph Stephens with 66

Research Grants and Contracts:  Tom Casavant with $91.4 million

Patents:  Mani Subramanian with 15