Design for Developing World Class Presents Project Videos

Friday, April 12, 2013

Students in the College of Engineering's Design with the Developing World course, taught by Craig Just, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, has produced a series of team videos about their project on "Reinvent the Toilet Challenge.  The service-learning course gives students the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams focused on issues that people face in the “developing world.”

The Reinvent the Toilet Challenge required a toilet that:

  • Removes pathogens from human waste and recovers valuable resources such as energy, clean water, and nutrients
  • Operates “off the grid” without connections to water, sewer, or electrical lines.
  • Costs less than 5 cents per user per day.
  • Promotes sustainable and financially profitable sanitation services and businesses that operate in poor, urban settings.
  • Is a truly aspirational next-generation product that everyone will want to use—in wealthy as well as developing nations.

To view the videos, go to