Engineering External Funding for Fiscal 2013 Hits $29.8 Million; Nine Researchers Exceed $1 Million

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The University of Iowa topped $400 million in external research funding for the fifth consecutive year, fueled by gains in corporate, industry and philanthropic funding that helped offset cutbacks in federal research funding amid tight budgets and the government-mandated sequestration.

The UI’s total share of external funding for fiscal 2013 was $424 million.  Total external funding for the College of Engineering equaled $29,818,435 in fiscal 2013.  

Engineering researchers receiving $1 million or more in total funding were:

Karim Abdel-Malek, $2,636,473

Fred Stern, $2,274,629

Tim Brown, $2,198,367

Barry Butler, $2,123,701

Milan Sonka, $1,914,631

Witold Krajewski, $1,748744

Tom Schnell, $1,334,448

Troy Lyons, $1,242,283

Er-Wei Bai, $1,000,000