Engineering Graduates Honored at Commencement

Saturday, May 25, 2013

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College of Engineering commencement ceremonies were held May 18 at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. Gary F. Seamans (BSEE 1971), Chairman and CEO, IDx, LLC, gave the charge to the graduates. Elizabeth Risius gave the graduating senior address. Thomas Rocklin, Vice President for Student Life conferred 233 degrees.

Cyril Ayangbile of the Engineering Student Council presented the graduating senior award, chosen through nomination by the senior class, to Caitlin Andersen.

Candidates graduating with highest distinction were Brianna Knoll, Zihan Zhu, Tyler Bedhun, Anna Flessner, Mark Gansen, Ethan Gingerich, Dustin Greif, Hudson Francis, Kristen Spurrier, and Joseph Tank. Graduating with highest distinction includes those students in the highest 2 percent of their graduating class

Graduating with high distinction were Brittany Woodin, Scott Shields, Nicole Larson, Cami Kieler, Jacob Skinner, Drew Hannah, Albert Depman, Kelsey Kaufman, and David Svac. Graduating with high distinction refers to students in the next-highest 3 percent.

Graduating with distinction were Natalia Cardona, Kevin Dibbern, Tim Gascho, Michael Hector, Braden Jensen, Matthew Gosse, Xin Qi, Mohammed Azmeh, Melanie Knusil, Hannah Taylor, Danielle Wright, Alex Jessee, Brian Kass, Brian Wigg, and Christopher Bauer. Graduating with distinction includes students in the next-highest 5 percent.

Students graduating with honors were Natalia Cardona, Tatiana Correa, Kevin Dibbern, Haniya Khalid, Jonathan Bachman, Matthew Grosse, Xin Qi, Haowen Xu, Chenxuan Cui, Hannah Taylor, Hudson Francis, and Kory Nelson. . Graduating with honors requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.33 or above, and completion of an honors project under the supervision of a faculty member.

Four candidates graduated with second major:
Eden Englert (BSE biomedical engineering and BA computer science)
Thomas Kasang (BSE civil engineering and BA Russian)
Matt Vonderhaar (BSE electrical engineering and Bachelor of Business, Finance)
Carl Christiansen (BSE mechanical engineering) and BA political science)

One-hundred-nine candidates graduated with a minor: mathematics (57);
business administration (24); computer science (19); chemistry (11); Psychology (4); Spanish (7); business (1); cinema (1); dance (1); economics (1); environmental sciences (1); French (1); German (1); Latin (1); music (1); and physics (1). Of these, twenty-three graduated with a double minor.

Brett Zimmerman earned a Technological Entrepreneurship Certificate.
Samantha Westerhof and Nicole Larson earned a Sustainability Certificate.

Thirty-two candidates received M.S. degrees from the Graduate College:
biomedical engineering (7); chemical and biochemical engineering (1); civil and environmental engineering (9); electrical and computer engineering (5); industrial engineering (3) and mechanical engineering (7).

Seventeen candidates received Ph.D. degrees from the Graduate College.
Biomedical engineering: Laofamg Du; Jacob Elkinis; Vijay Govindarajan; and Paul Jermihov.
Chemical and biochemical engineering: Brian Dillman, Amir Mohammad Farn; and Bradley Forney.
Civil and environmental engineering: Seyed Mohammad Hajimirzaie; Aditsuda Jamroensan; Caylyn Lanzl, and Shen Qu;
Electrical and computer engineering: Richard Downe and Sharada Jha.
Industrial Engineering: Seyed Mohammad S. Mirghorbani.
Mechanical engineering: Pengfei Du; Akira Hanaoka; and Thad Michael.

The following faculty were recognized by seniors in their discipline for
Nicole Grosland, professor of biomedical engineering; Charlie Stanier, associate professor of chemical and biochemical engineering; James Stoner, professor or civil and environmental engineering; Anton Kruger, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering; Pavlo Krokhmal, association professor of industrial engineering and Justin Garvin, lecturer, mechanical engineering.