Engineering Student Murray's Field Goal Stuns Penn State

Monday, November 10, 2008

College of Engineering junior Daniel Murray was the hero of Saturday's stunning Hawkeye victory over Penn State.  Murray, who is majoring in mechanical engineering, kicked a 31-yard field goal with one second remaining to carry the Hawkeyes to a 24-23 win over the Nittany Lions.

Being called onto the field for the winning field goal, Murray performed perfectly under the pressure.  “You just kind of say, here we go,” said Murray at the press conference after the game. “I was nervous until I got on the field. Once I got on the field, it was kind of like, no turning back now. Let’s just go."

With one swing of his leg, Murray kicked himself into Hawkeye history and likely kicked Penn State out of the national championship picture.  Murray’s 31-yard field goal cut through a 25 mph crosswind and through the uprights.

A few hundred fans prematurely spilled onto the field and cost the Hawkeyes an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. That was just a pre-party. Fifteen yards and kickoff later, the revelry resumed with thousands swarming around the Hawkeyes to celebrate their first victory in 18 years over a top-five opponent.

“I tried to go back and get the kickoff tee and I got blindsided by somebody,” Murray said. “I was getting taken out left and right.”

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