Engineering Students Honored During National Student Employee Week

Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Engineering students are being honored for their work during Natonal Student Employee Week.

They are Kristen Spurrier, a mechanical engineering student from Quincy, IL, who is a research assistant for the Center for Computer-Aided Design's Virtual Soldier Research lab, and Sarah Pettijohn, an industrial engineering student from Monument, CO, who serves as peer mentoring assitant and ambassadors student liaison for Women in Science and Engineering.

Spurrier is a Certificate of Distinction winner. In her research at CCAD, Spurrier collaborated with the UI Department of Health and Human Physiology on a project modeling human strength. She quickly integrated the human strength results into Santos (the software environment), making this the only digital human model in the world that can represent dynamic human strength. She wrote the final research report, which has been submitted for scientific publication. Spurrier also serves as an ambassador for CCAD, giving tours of the facility for high school, middle school, and grade school students, and she visits high schools to give presentations on Santos, VSR and CCAD.

Pettijohn was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation.  She provides crucial support to the WISE Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Program and the WISE Ambassadors, a UISG-approved student organization. She assists in planning multiple career development workshops and seminars for more than 200 participants. She maintains the WISE database and mailing lists, assists with data compilation and reports, tracks mentoring participation records, and creates publications for the mentoring program. Pettijohn manages the details of an annual event for elementary-aged girl scouts to participate in science and engineering activities.