Engineering's Reddy Honored by Son with Herky Statue

Monday, May 5, 2014

A C(Herk)itry statue, which looks like a circuit motherboard albeit it one with a face, now adorns the Clinton Street entrance of the Old Capitol Town Center in Iowa City, thanks to the sponsorship of Dr. Kartik Reddy, son of Sudhakar Reddy, professor of electrical and computer engineering.

The statue was designed by Jason Soliday, a former Hawkeye football player who received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the UI in 1992 and worked on statues for the original Herky on Parade in 2004.

“The C(Herk)itry idea came out of a discussion I had with Kartik Reddy,” Soliday says. “He wanted something that was representational of what his father does"  Reddy, who received his medical degree from the UI, practices medicine for Dean Specialty Clinic, Madison, WI.

“I wanted it to look like a circuit board,” Soliday continues. “The front image is his father’s face, but Kartik didn’t want it to be truly identifiable because he felt that his father would take offense to what could be perceived as bravado.”

Ten years ago, Iowa City and Coralville found themselves part of a public art parade. Herky the Hawk—striding forward, pumping a fist, with looks ranging from Elvis Presley to Hayden Fry—took up roost in several dozen locations around the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and Coralville.

Fast forward to today. Herky on Parade is back for a second run, kicking off this morning with unveilings throughout the Iowa City/Coralville area (along with new locations in North Liberty). The statues will be on display through September; when the “parade” comes to a conclusion, the Herkys will be auctioned off to support United Way of Johnson County.

Herky’s pose this time around is tall and triumphant—a reflection of sorts of the pride felt by the 16 UI alumni who participated in the creation of this year’s Herky statues.

“Herky on Parade is the success it is because it brings together the town and gown communities,” says Josh Schamberger, president of the Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. “It was widely successful in 2004 and no doubt will be again in 2014 only because of the artists. Many are UI grads so they really go the extra mile to do both their community AND fellow alumni proud.”