Girls just like to have PharmCamp

Friday, July 27, 2012

Photo of Girls having PharmCampHave you ever wondered how cosmetics are developed or what factors are considered when scent is added to a hand lotion?

Nine girls, ages 10-12, had the opportunity to learn about pharmaceutical engineering and science during PharmCamp held July 16-20.

The camp, developed by Jennifer Fiegel, assistant professor of chemical and biochemical engineering, provided hands-on experience with engineering design and product development used to make lip balm, hand cream, lozenges, and cosmetic products. Throughout the week, the girls brainstormed ideas on why the products are designed a certain way, such as to having an appealing smell, to be spreadable. to dissolve in the body, etc. Sessions based on the AAPS-PSPG Science Day 2009 Laboratory Notebook series are also incorporated to emphasize key processes that drugs undergo in the body. 

The program is sponsored by the Colleges of Pharmarcy, Engineering, and the Carver College of Medicine, as well as grants from the American Chemical Society and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.