KCCI-TV: New Tool Makes It Easier to Tracking Flooding Conditions

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A new tool is making it easier to see where flooding is happening.

Larry Weber, director of IIHR at the University of Iowa, said he hopes the new website will keep taking the guesswork out of planning during widespread flooding, the kind many Iowans dealt with over the last week, reported KCRG-TV.

This tool is accessed through the Iowa Flood Center's website, and Weber said it can give people a real-time look at where flooding will happen, based on current forecasts.

With flood inundation maps built directly onto Google Maps, it's an easy-to-understand view of how close floodwater will get to your favorite campground, or your front door.

The tool will be especially helpful during a hectic holiday weekend when travel is at a seasonal peak.

"This is probably one of the most beneficial individual resident or business owner pieces of information we can provide,” Weber said.

Weber has seen traffic on this site rise in recent weeks, but he said it's still evolving as the Flood Center adds more communities to this list.

“We get a lot of information back from community leaders, planners, folks that are really fighting the fight at a larger level, and then we have just kind of pockets of individuals out there," Weber said.  

"We still remain a very scientific organization doing high-end work, and we continue to try to provide information to the public that they want."

Weber said a mobile app version of this site is in the works.