Schnoor Speaks on Sustainability in Chile

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dr. Jerald Schnoor, Allen S. Henry Chair in Engineering, professor of civil and environmental engineering, and co-director of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, presented "Universities as Agents of Sustainability" March 16 at the American Academy of Sciences on University Sustainability conference in Santiago, Chile.

Schnoor reported on student-led initiatives at The University of Iowa that are transforming the curriculum and the campus simultaneously.  These include a sustainable systems class, a low impact development class, and a sustainability certificate involving 6 classes across campus.

"We are learning about sustainability while greening the campus, and providing valuable and practical experience for students and faculty alike," Schnoor concluded in his presentation.  "An emphasis on sustainability can help us 'do good while doing well' by attracting new students, research grants, reach out to our communities, and embrace the Millennium Development Goals."

A copy of Schnoor's presentation is available at