Zamora to Present Seminar February 8 on Solar Art

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ignacio Zamora Sanz (Nacho Zamora), entrepreneur, a curator of public art, and the Director of The Solar Artworks Project based in Dubai will present a seminar from 6:00-7:00 p.m. February 8 in the UI's Art Building West on campus.  He will discuss solar art, how he began his business, and how he makes it all work.

Zamora recieved a Master's Degree in Artistic Production with a focus on Public Art at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and is currently completing his PhD.  In 2009, Zamora started the Solar Artworks Project to promote works of solar art as a clever investment in public art and the urban landscape.  These projects combine art, architecture, design, and science with a common objective to create new aesthetic spaces within urban landscapes while promoting ecological global awareness.

"I believe in a change of the model of society inspired by renewable energies," Zamora said.  "This change can take part in our daily lives through works of solar art. These projects demonstrate that solar power can be beautiful and integrated within architecture."

Zamora was a speaker at The European Union Sustainable Energy Week (Brussels) in 2010 and as a organizer in 2012. He also spoke about his work at the International Symposium of Electronic Art in Istanbul 2011 and the International Environmental Congress in Valencia 2011. Zamora moved to Dubai in 2012 to start the Solar Artworks Project in earnest, as a professional business. Zamora's most recent project is a collaboration with the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance in Michigan to create the first international exhibition of works of solar art in October 2013.

Following is a link to a YouTube video on his solar art --