Sustainability Resources

The College of Engineering is committed to doing its part to provide the engineers, ideas, and solutions needed to create a more sustainable world. For example, for more than 80 years, faculty, research engineers, and students at IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering have conducted research in the broad fields of fluid mechanics, air and water resources, and environmental hydraulics.  And since the late 1960s, the College has pioneered environmental engineering research and teaching; today it is among the top 10 public academic programs in the U.S.

Engineering for the Common Good

Sustainability is deeply rooted in several core areas of our College:

  • We have an historical strength in training environmental engineers who address pollutants and pollution prevention in air, water, and soil; hydraulic and hydrologic engineers who predict and manager water resources; and biofuels and wind engineers who reduce, improve, or eliminate energy derived from fossil fuels.
  • Our expanding sustainability programs attract bright, energetic, and creative students from across the U.S. and worldwide who are motivated and determined to make a difference.
  • Research on sustainability is creating new knowledge among faculty who are world renowned for work on pollutant fate and transport, ecological restoration, and modeling, climate change, water recycling, innovative fuel cells, and more.

This website is designed to conveniently connect you with valuable information about our comprehensive programs and initiatives. We welcome you to participate.