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More Mammoth Bones

The Mahaska County Conservation Board has acquired bones from the Oskaloosa mammoth, and a tibia, mammoth tibia vertebra, and hyoid from that collection were in the EMS for scanning and reproduction in the 3D printers. With the new FARO 3D scanner, scanning the tibia, which is about 27 inches long, is easy.

Vessel and Plaque for Gary Seamans

The idea for giving College of Engineering donor and supporter Gary Seamans something created in the college started with a blood vessel.

ETC Open House - Did You Learn Something?

The Engineering Technology Centers  -- Engineering Computer Services (ECS), Engineering Electronics Shop (EES), and Engineering Machine Shop (EMS) -- enjoyed welcoming visitors who came to the 4/25/13 open house.

Grid for scale

The Hawkeye colors of the grid and scale offer high-contrast as well as school spirit.

Brain gear

The brain gear was printed from a sample file that came with the Fortus 3D printer.

Oskaloosa mammoth bones

Bones from the Oskaloosa mammoth were scanned and printed in the 3D printer.

Student projects using 3D printers

Finals week fall 2012 meant lots of work for the 3D printer.

Fortus 400 3D printer

The Fortus 400 3D printer was calibrated and is ready to use.

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