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Vessel and Plaque for Gary Seamans

The idea for giving College of Engineering donor and supporter Gary Seamans something created in the college started with a blood vessel.

ETC Open House - Did You Learn Something?

The Engineering Technology CentersĀ  -- Engineering Computer Services (ECS), Engineering Electronics Shop (EES), and Engineering Machine Shop (EMS) -- enjoyed welcoming visitors who came to the 4/25/13 open house.

Grid for scale

The Hawkeye colors of the grid and scale offer high-contrast as well as school spirit.

Brain gear

Why is it called a brain gear? Because that is how it was identified by the print file that came with the printer. The barrel-shaped pieces have teeth that mesh with the other barrels, thus a gear.

The photo gallery has photos of various brain gears in various stages from finished in the printer to partly removed support material to completed, as well as a video showing the brain gear in motion.

Oskaloosa mammoth bones

The Engineering Machine Shop scanned and printed a mammoth toe bone found near Oskaloosa, Iowa. Visitors to the UI Museum of Natural History can handle those reproduced bones, something you would not want to happen with the original bones.

Student projects using 3D printers

The last week of classes means lots of use of the Fortus 400 3D printer. Students in Ozbolat's Design for Manufacturing class designed cars for a long-jump competition. Students in the art 3D design class made objects, some of which included articulated joints.

Fortus 400 3D printer

At the end of October 2012, the new Fortus 400 3D printer was hooked up and calibrated in the Engineering Machine Shop.

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