Vessel and Plaque for Gary Seamans

The idea for giving College of Engineering donor and supporter Gary Seamans something created in the college started with a blood vessel.

ETC Open House - Did You Learn Something?

The Engineering Technology CentersĀ  -- Engineering Computer Services (ECS), Engineering Electronics Shop (EES), and Engineering Machine Shop (EMS) -- enjoyed welcoming visitors who came to the 4/25/13 open house.

Grid for scale

The Hawkeye colors of the grid and scale offer high-contrast as well as school spirit.

Hearing Response Box

John Kostman in the Electronics Shop designed and built a hearing response box for a researcher in the Department of Neurosurgery. While undergoing brain surgery, the patient, wearing earphones, will respond to sound transmitted through the earphones. The box's output will be recorded during the procedure for later analysis.

NTA - Nerve Traffic Analyzer

The original NTA was fabricated in the Medical Electronics shop in the early 1980s. EES is still building nerve traffic analyzers.

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