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Current Research Team

Jaemeen Baek

Jaemeen is a postdoctoral researcher who works on photochemical air quality maodelong using WRF, CMAQ and SMOKE. Her major research topics are 1) source apportionment of fine particulate matter, 2) estimating human exposure to the air pollutants using 3D air quality models, and 3) improving CMAQ simulations through data assimilation. She is surrently participating in two projects: "Applying Data Assimilation and Adjoint Sensitivity to epidemiological and Policy Studies of Airborne Particulate Matter" and "Data Analysis and Modeling of the LADCO winter Nitrate Study."

Link to Jaemeen Baek's homepage:

can dong photo


Can Dong

Can is a graduate student that is working atmospheric models of fine and ultrafine particles, and CO2.

Janecheck photo


Nate Janechek

Nate is working on North American simulations of siloxanes and PM2.5.

Robert Bullard

Robert is a graduate student that is working on new particle formation and atmospheric particle nucleation. Robert also assists with CO2 sampling at the nearby NOAA tall tower in West Branch Iowa (WBI).

Photo of Singh

Ashish Singh

Ashish is a graduate student in the research group. He is interested in atmospheric and indoor aerosols, and their visibility, health, and climate impacts. He is currently working in the lab constructing aerosol instrumentation.


Morgan Brown Yarker

Morgan is a Ph.D. candidate in Science Education. She works with CGRER on education outreach and coinstructs with Dr. Stanier on the summer climate and energy workshop for teachers.

Former Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

Aditsuda Jamroensan

Sinan Sousan

Completed his Ph.D. in 2012 and is working on staff at the Carnegie Institute at Stanford.

Ben Behrendt

Ben completed a B.S. degree and is now at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Sang-Rin Lee

joined Doosan Heavy Industries in Korea in 2011.

Photo Coulter

Kelsey Coulter

Joined Barr Engineering in 2011.


Alicia Kalafut Pettibone

Joined NIST in 2009.

Juan Navea

Juan is a faculty member at Lawrence University in Appleton Wisconsin in the Department of Chemistry.


Elliott Campbell

Elliott Campbell completed his thesis in May 2007. His research dealt with problems in carbon cycle science through the application of atmospheric transport modeling and land surface modeling.  Atmospheric observations from tower and aircraft platforms are synthesized with models using data assimilation techniques.  Elliott was co-advised by Jerald Schnoor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Elliott is now at the University of California Merced as an assistant professor in the School of Engineering.

Kazeem Olanrewaju


Undergraduate Researchers, Current and Past

Zach Behrendt
Andrew Hesselink
Allaa Hassanein
Jessica Carlson
Pat Saylor
Andrew Myers
Caitlin Anderson
Taylor Malott
Benjamin J. Behrendt
Timothy Rohlf
Alex Bender
Jameson Schoenfelder
Kyle Lilly: REU Student from Luther College
Adam Beranek-Collins
Jay Raife
Jessica Cowart
Christopher Miller
Tyler Gunn
Zach Rodenburg






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