The University of Iowa College of Engineering Administration

Office of the Dean

Position Name Phone  
Dean, College of Engineering Alec B. Scranton 319-335-5766  
Assistant to the Dean Jill McNamara 319-335-5765  
Associate Dean for Academic Programs Keri C. Hornbuckle 319-335-5148  
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research Milan Sonka 319-335-5191  
Associate Dean for Diversity and Outreach Tonya Peeples 319-384-2681  
Assistant to the Associate Deans for Graduate Programs and Research and Diversity and Outreach   319-384-2204  
Associate Dean for Academic Programs Keri Hornbuckle 319-384-0789  
Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Programs Natalie Potter 319-335-6026  
Director, Marketing and Communications Fred Streicher 319-384-0550  
Director, Alumni Relations and Communications Wendy Brentner 319-335-5340  
Director, Finance April Tippett


Director, Human Resources Jan Waterhouse 319-335-5767  
HR Administrator Sandra Gerard 319-335-5217
HR Administrator Sarah Lobb 319-335-4787  
Director, Facilities   John Millsap 319-335-5773  
Chief Technology Officer Danny Tang 319-335-5752  
Director, Grant Support for the College and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Joel Steele 319-384-0812  
Director, NEXUS of Engineering and Art Deanne Wortman 319-335-6300  
Executive Director, Engineering Development, University of Iowa Foundation Kate Metcalf 319-335-3305  
Associate Director, Engineering Development, University of Iowa Foundation Matt Kuster 319-335-3305  


Engineering Student Services

Position Name Phone
Director, Academic Advising and Retention Nancy J. Schneider 319-335-5014
Director, Engineering Professional Development Kelli Delfosse 319-335-6280
Director, Global Experiences and Academic Advisor Anat Levtov


Director, Tutoring Josh Atcher 319-335-5763
Engineering Registrar Megan Allen 319-335-5768
Director, Hanson Center for Technical Communication Scott Coffel 319-335-6097
Librarian, Lichtenberger Engineering Library Kari Kozak 319-335-6046
Student Development Administrator Laura Vasser 319-335-5763


Outreach, Admissions, Scholarships & Inclusion Services (OASIS)

Position Name Phone
Director, Admissions and First-Year Experience Jane Dorman 319-335-5769
Director, Scholarships and Recruiting Janelle Miranda 319-335-5774
Co-directors, Women and Science and Engineering

Laura Varvel
Chelle Lehman


Affiliate Director, Iowa Project Lead the Way David Rethwisch 319-335-1413
Affiliate Administrator, Iowa Project Lead the Way Kandace Munson 319-335-5940

Outreach Director, Iowa Project Lead the Way Diversity and Implementation

Chelle Lehman 319‐335‐5702
Director, Diversity Programs and K-12 Outreach Tracy Peterson 319-335-5776
Coordinator, FTC Programs Rebecca Whitaker 319-335-5706
Administrative Services Coordinator    


Engineering Technology Centers

Position Name Phone
Engineering Computer Services    
Research Systems Administrator Zach Bluvstein  
Departmental Administrator Sheila Britton 319-335-5751
Database and Applications Developer Jim Cramer 319-335-5757
Engineering College Webmaster Bill Easton 319-335-0754
Software and Infrastructure Services Christopher Fomon 319-335-5751
Unix and Network Administrator David Funk 319-335-5751
Director of Engineering Computer Services Matt McLaughlin 319-335-5751
Digital Content and Communications Blake Rupe 319-335-5121
Windows and Applications Administrator Daniel Mentzer 319-335-5756
Manager, Engineering Help Desk Sarah Williams 319-335-5753
Engineering Electronics Shop    
Parts Manager Tom Barnhardt 319-335-5759
Service Manager John Kostman 319-335-5761
Sales Manager Diem Nguyen  
Engineering Machine Shop    
Director Steve Struckman 319-384-0600
Engineer Bill Jennings 319-384-0965



Position Name Phone
Departmental Executive Officer, Biomedical Engineering Nicole M. Grosland 319-335-5634
Departmental Executive Officer, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Allan Guymon 319-335-5015
Departmental Executive Officer, Civil and Environmental Engineering Michelle Scherer 319-335-5654
Departmental Executive Officer, Electrical and Computer Engineering Er-Wei Bai 319-335-6052
Departmental Executive Officer, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Ching-Long Lin 319-335-5673


College Research Centers and Institutes

Position Name Phone
Director, Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Thomas Casavant 319-335-5953
Director, Center for Computer-Aided Design Karim Abdel-Malek 319-335-5676
Director, IIHR -- Hydroscience and Engineering Larry J. Weber 319-335-5597
Co-Director, Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging Milan Sonka 319-335-6052



University of Iowa Foundation 800-648-6973
Lichtenberger Engineering Library 319-335-6047
Engineering Computer Services 319-335-5751
Engineering Electronics Shop 319-335-5760
Engineering Machine Shop 319-384-0600