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1. Grosland Named Biomedical Engineering Departmental Executive Officer
2. Kook-Wha and Kwang-Kuk Koh Inducted into DEAA
3. Stanier Co-authors White Paper on Lake Michigan Air Quality
4. Professional Development Holds 2nd Annual Awards Banquet
5. Scholte Named UI Teaching Assistant Awardee
6. Staff Recognized for Years of Service
7. Faculty Honored with Excellence Awards
8. Staff Recognized for Contributions within and outside the College
9. Grants and Contracts
10. About E/Week

1. Grosland Named Biomedical Engineering Departmental Executive Officer

Nicole Grosland, professor of biomedical engineering, has been appointed departmental executive officer of Biomedical Engineering effective July 1, 2016.
Grosland replaces Joseph Reinhardt, also professor of biomedical engineering, who is returning to teaching and research in the department.
Grosland also serves as a researcher at the UI Center for Computer-Aided Design and the Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging. Her current research interests include spinal biomechanics, total joint arthroplasty, patient/subject-specific model development, and finite element meshing techniques.

2. Kook-Wha and Kwang-Kuk Koh Inducted into DEAA

Drs. Kwang-Kuk Koh and Kook-Wha Koh are the first husband-wife inductees into the University of Iowa Distinguished Alumni Academy. They are remarkable examples of individuals who obtained their graduate degrees at Iowa and went on to distinguished careers in business, while giving back in meaningful ways to their communities.

Kwang-Kuk and Kook-Wha Koh arrived in Iowa City in the mid-1960s to pursue graduate studies in the then named Department of Chemical Engineering. The couple met as children and both earned BS degrees in chemical engineering at Seoul National University.  Married in 1963, they decided to continue their engineering studies in the United States, both working on research projects related to the newly established field of membrane separations pioneered by University of Iowa professor and chair Karl Kammermeyer.

Kwang-Kuk completed his PhD in 1968 under the supervision of Karl Kammermeyer. Kook-Wha received her PhD in 1970 under the supervision of Prof. James (J.O.) Osburn.

After earning their PhD degrees, the Kohs moved to Baytown, TX, where Kwang joined Esso (the international affiliate of ExxonMobil), where he worked in the synthetic fuel program for coal gasification. Eager to continue her own professional trajectory, Kook-Wha secured a postdoctoral fellowship at Rice University where she joined the renowned artificial heart program led by Michael DeBakey, MD.

Eight years later, the Kohs moved to Detroit where Kwang began working for American Natural Resources (now Coastal Corp in Houston, TX) as an administrator in coal technology. For Kook-Wha, the change of venue also meant a change of career direction when she seized the opportunity to launch a new commercial venture: Chrysan Industries, Inc. Born in November 1977 and headquartered in Plymouth, MI, the company has become a leading global supplier of automotive lubricants and specialty chemicals.

Although Kwang and Kook-Wha officially retired in 2006, Kook-Wha continues to work there when they are not traveling—and they have taken on traveling with as much passion and dedication as they devoted to their academic and professional careers. They recently were on a mission to visit a National Geographic list of the 50 places everyone should see in their lifetimes (they have seen all but one, Seychelles in Africa). They also wrote a book together, Hopping Seven Continents, which documents their travel adventures, including their ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, which at 19,341 feet is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.

Through their actions and efforts they have dedicated themselves to “promote and ensure equal opportunities for minority business enterprises and women-owned businesses…and we recognized the importance and encourage the balance of career, family, health and fitness, and faith.”

3. Stanier Co-authors White Paper on Lake Michigan Air Quality

Charles Stanier, associate professor of chemical and biochemical engineering and associate faculty research engineering at IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering, along with collaborators in the region, has co-authored a white paper discussing the opportunities and benefits of an intensive study of air quality over and around Lake Michigan.
This is in part triggered by the more stringent focus on ozone air pollution, which has been a problem in coastal areas of the Great Lakes and Eastern U.S. for decades.

4. Professional Development Holds 2nd Annual Awards Banquet

Engineering Professional Development hosted its 2nd Annual Awards Banquet Thursday, April 21. The night included updates from engineering student organizations, a featured speaker, dinner, and awards ceremony.
The banquet is held as an annual celebration honoring College of Engineering student organizations and advisors, community partners and students for outstanding leadership and service. What started as an idea to celebrate and recognize the outstanding accomplishments of our student organizations gradually evolved into a celebration of all of the accomplishments related to professional development. Group, individual and industry awards were given out in various categories. The purpose of the banquet is to foster a strong sense of pride in the college, recognize the accomplishments of students and student groups, and encourage students to seek out experiences that make them great engineers and leaders.
The 2016 award winners are:
Student Organization Awards
* Outstanding Established Student Organization – Society of Automotive Engineers
* Outstanding Student Organization for Service – Continental Crossings
* Outstanding Student Organization Collaboration – Society of Women Engineers
* Most Improved Student Organization – University of Iowa Robotics Club
Individual Awards:
* Outstanding Student Leader – Sailahari Ponnaluri, BME; SWE & Theta Tau
* Most Promising New Member – Mitchell Evens, ME; SAE
* Unsung Hero – Brendan Durkin, CEE; ASCE
* Outstanding Research Assistant – Emma Hawk, ECE
* Outstanding Student Employee – Amanda Smith, BME; SDC
* Outstanding Intern/Co-op – Ally Swartz, BME; CIVCO Medical Solutions
* Outstanding Student Organization Advisor – Kelli Delfosse, SDC; Theta Tau
* Outstanding Research Faculty Mentor – Thomas Casavant, ECE
* Engineering and Something More – Bailey Hadnott, CEE
Community Awards:
* Outstanding Company Sponsor/Community Partner – John Deere
* Outstanding Intern/Co-op Employer – Gilbane Building Company

5. Scholte Named UI Teaching Assistant Awardee

Jon Scholte, PhD candidate in chemical and biochemical engineering, will receive the University of Iowa Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for 2016.
Scholte also is a graduate research assistant, focusing on creation and adaptation of various synthetic procedures for the production of novel photopolymerizable systems using nitroxide mediated polymerization (NMP) and reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization (RAFT).  In addition, he is studying characterization of synthesized oligomers by GPC and NMR, polymerization kinetics of both radical and cationic photocurable formulations using photo differential scanning calorimetry and real time FTIR, and orphology and thermo-mechanical properties utilizing various microscopic (AFM, SEM) and dynamic (dynamic mechanical analysis).
Scholte will receive his certificate May 6 at the Council on Teaching Awards Reception.
Scholte is featured in a Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research video at http://www.engineering.uiowa.edu/news/cgrer-video-jon-scholte.  He also will participate May 17 in a technical conference track on "Controlled Monomer Architecture for Property Enhancement in Photocured Thin Films" at the RADTECH UV+EB Technology Expo and Conference in Chicago.

6. Staff Recognized for Years of Service

The following staff members were recognized for five years of service with the College of Engineering, IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering
Radoslaw Goska
Daniel Gilles
Sandra Gerard
Robert Johnson
Harvest Ellis
Melinda Keyte
Karin Kee
Heather Hunter
Kyung Moo Lee
Richard Saeugling
Sayyed Mousaviraad
Seyed Sadat Hosseini
Tony Loeser

Ten Years of Service:
Chris Murphy of Center for Computer-Aided Design
Bill Easton of Engineering Computer Services
Andrew Craig of IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering

Fifteen Years of Service:
Bart Brown of Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Scott Coffel or the Hanson Center for Technical Communication

Twenty-Year Awards:
Marian Muste of IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering
Tom Barnhart of the Engineering Electronics Shop

Twenty-five years:
Sheila Britton of Engineering Computer Services

Thirty years:
Chris Fomon of Engineering Computer Services
Dave Funk of Engineering Computer Services

7. Faculty Honored with Excellence Awards

Jon Kuhl, professor of electrical and computer engineering, has received the 2016 Faculty Excellence Award for Service.  Kuhl currently serves on nine collegiate or university committees, including chair of the Chief Technology Officer search for the College of Engineering, undergraduate program chair for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, ABET coordinator for the department, and chair of the Engineering Faculty Council committee on OneIT.  He has been instrumental in establishing a new Computer Science and Computer Engineering degree program.  The Electrical and Computer Engineering ABET self-study report written by Kuhl has been labeled exemplary by the last ABET team and has been displayed in ABET Symposium

H.S. Udaykumar, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, received the 2016 Faculty Excellence Award for Research.  His research is supported by federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, the Whitaker Foundation, Veteran’s Administration and the Department of Defense and covers a broad spectrum of physics that includes heart valves, how objects move when thrown by blast waves and how projectiles penetrate into metal targets.  Citations of his work average 300 or more each year.  His involvement with the Winterim in India course has introduced many students to the problem of deforestation in India and its environmental, social and health-related issues. 

Julie Jessop, associate professor of chemical and biochemical engineering, received the 2016 Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching.  Jessop’s passion for teaching is demonstrated in the innovative methods she uses in the classroom such as minute papers, trivia games, and informal cooperative learning groups.  She has taught the chemical and biochemical engineering capstone project for the past nine years.  The designs are part of the national AIChE safety award competitions with winners in 8 of the last 14 years.  Industry experts are invited to present current day topics. 

8. Staff Recognized for Contributions within and outside the College

The Staff Excellence Award for Community Engagement has been presented to Sarah Williams.  A dedicated Engineering Computer Services staff member, she solves problems by day in the Seamans Center and by night from wherever she is – at her son’s soccer match, at her daughter’s dance competition or at home.  Williams was instrumental with Engineering Staff Council’s adoption of families for the past two holiday seasons. 

Jennifer Rumping, departmental administrator for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, received the Mary Sheedy Staff Excellence Award.  The award recognizes a staff member who provides outstanding service to the College of Engineering, has a positive attitude that impacts and improves the work atmosphere within the College, leaves a lasting impression with the College and its constituents and demonstrates a commitment to the College and its mission.  Rumping is known as “the fixer” in her department.  She handles all the responsibilities of an administrative supporting role and handles any out of the ordinary problems with a smile and “We can do it” attitude. 

9. Grants and Contracts

Andrew Veit, program manager, MiniSim™, at the National Advanced Driving Simulator, received a $13,355 contract from the University of Kentucky for “miniSim scenario Development.”

H.S. Udaykumar, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, and faculty research engineer at IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering, received an $89,982 subcontract from Streamline Numerics, Inc., for “SSTR phase 1 Multiscale simulation framework for heterogeneous energetic materials.”

Jason Vogelgesang, hydrogeologist at IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering, received a contract from the City of Coralville for “Geophysical survey of two aquifiers.”

Frederick Stern, George D. Ashton Professor of Hydroscience and Engineering, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering and faculty research engineer, IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering, received a $170,000 grant from the US Department of Defense, Department of the Navy for “Use of CFD for improving system-based methods for maneuvering and stability in regular and irregular arbitrary heading waves, including CDF=based system.”


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