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Ibrahim Demir
Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat
ICON in the College of Engineering
IE ABET Accreditation
IE Academic Procedures
IE Courses in Specialization Areas
IE General Information
IE Graduate Admissions
IE Graduate Programs and Degrees
IIHR Hydroscience & Engineering
Immediate Corporate Concierge Assistance
Importance of Inclusion
In & Around the Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences
Inclusion Innovations
Increased Minority Ph.D. Students
Industrial Engineering Curriculum and Courses
Industrial Engineering Enhanced Design Programs
Industrial Engineering Faculty
Industrial Engineering Graduate Program
Industrial Engineering Policy and Guidelines for Elective Focus Areas (EFAs)
Industrial Engineering Program
Industrial Engineering Program Educational Objectives
Industrial Engineering Program Committees
Industrial Engineering Program Student Outcomes
Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program
Industrial Mission Statements
Information for Graduate Students with Undergraduate Degrees (CEE)
Information for Graduate Students with Undergraduate Degrees from Programs that are not Accredited Engineering Programs (CEE)
Information Solutions Resources at the College of Engineering
Innovative Ideas
Internship Opportunities (BME)
Introduction (CBE)
Introduction to Computing in Engineering
Iowa Engineer Magazine: Archived Issues
Iowa Injury Prevention Research Center
Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging
Iowa Medical Innovations Group
IT Policies
IT Usage Guidelines and Good Practices