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R. T. Marler
R. William Van Sant
Rachel Marek
Radoslaw Goska
Raghuraman Mudumbai
Rajankumar Bhatt
Ralph I. Stephens
Randall and Barbara Meyer Grabbing the Globe Seminar Series
Randall Meyer
Rebecca Whitaker
Recent Theses & Dissertations (IE)
Recurring Schedule of ME Electives
Regents Outstanding Faculty Awards
Reinhard R. Beichel
Reliability Systems Area
Research & Trends
Research and Administrative Staff (CBE)
Research and Administrative Staff (CEE)
Research and Administrative Staff (ECE)
Research Centers (CBE)
Research Experience for Undergraduates in Civil & Environmental Engineering
Research Facilities and Equipment (CBE)
Research Focus Areas (MIE)
Research Focus Areas for Industrial Engineering
Research Focus Areas for Mechanical Engineering
Research Funding Opportunities
Research Highlights (MIE)
Research Initiatives
Research Laboratories
Research Open House
Research Tour
Resources (CBE)
Resources (CEE)
Resources (ECE)
Resources (MIE)
Resources for First Year Grad Students
Review Procedures of Academic Dismissal (MIE)
Ricardo Mantilla
Richard H. Stanley
Richard Hardin
Richard K. Miller
Richard L. Valentine
Richard Saeugling
Rick Zamudio
Robert A Johnson
Robert and Virginia Wheeler Faculty Fellowship in Engineering
Robert E. Moulds
Robert G. Hering
Robert Hering
Robert M. Pierce Atrium
Robert P. Stearns
Robert W. Whitmore
Roger Koch
Room Resources
Rose & Joseph Summers Chair in Water Resources Engineering
Roy J. Carver, Jr. Chair in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Ryan Arce
Ryan Maus