Grabbing the Globe 2009-2010

Randall and Barbara Meyer "Grabbing the Globe" Seminar Series

2009-2010 Academic Year


Andrew Haun Dr. Robert Malkin John L. Kessler

November 12, 2009

Electrical and Computer Engineering

March 11, 2010

Biomedical Engineering

April 22, 2010

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Engineering alumnus Andrew Haun (BS 1984 electrical engineering) is engineering director, electronic and software engineering for Schneider Electric, Raleigh, NC. He leads more than 90
engineering professionals and is responsible for a $10 million budget for North American and global electronics product development. Haun has spent his entire career with Schneider Electrical. Previously, he served as manager–electronic engineering, staff electronic design engineer, and electronic design engineer at Schneider Electric’s Cedar Rapids, IA plant. He is an inventor/co-inventor for 20 U.S. patents, and co-author of an NFPA Journal article in September/October 2008, titled “Why AFCI’s?–How combination arc-fault interrupters enhance electrical safety in the home.” Haun serves as a member of the College of Engineering Advisory Board. He also received an MBA degree from Duke University.

Dr. Robert Malkin is director, Engineering World Health, and
Professor, Biomedical Engineering at
Duke University. His seminar, "“Healthcare Crisis in the Developing World:
What is Engineering doing about it?”, describtes the Developing World Healthcare Technology Laboratory at Duke, include the DHT-Lab Fellows and the Engineering World Health Summer Institute. The DHT-Lab develops new technology to aid those in resource poor settings, teaching classes, offering research opportunities and engaging in social entrepreneurship. The work of the DHT-Lab has launched nearly a half-dozen products that remain in production today, all aimed at healthcare in resource poor settings. The Engineering World Health Summer Institute is a summer program for undergraduates who work and live in
Nicaragua, Honduras and Tanzania with a training facility in Costa Rica.

John L. Kessler is the Global Engineering and Design Competency Manager at DuPont's Wilmington, Delaware offices. He is in charge of providing and developing the engineering resources that are used to safely deliver engineering facilities and solutions that create and sustain competitive supplies chains for DuPont anywhere in the world. John graduated in 1981 with a BSCHE from the University of Iowa and has received advanced degrees from other institutions. John is a 29-year employee at DuPont, having worked in a variety of engineering, operations, research and development, and business engineering roles. He has lived and worked abroad on four different work assignments across Asia for a total of 9 years. John's talk is entitled "Grabbing the Globe Seminar Series Talk -DuPont", where he will give some background on DuPont, talk about his own life and career as it pertains to international work, and then provide his thoughts and perspective on global awareness.