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i-FAB 2010 Best Podium Presentation Award won by Don Anderson and co-authors Oct 12 2010
IA Engineer Online! Showcases Aug 22 2010
IAWIND Receives $3 Million, Three-year Iowa Power Fund Grant Apr 22 2009
ICAD Group Hosting "Modern Marvels" Event May 10 Apr 11 2013
ICRU Newsletter: Undergraduate Excels in Virtual Soldier Research Dec 29 2010
iExploreSTEM Festival Comes to Muscatine Apr 26 2013
IIHR Hosts International Symposium May 24 2012
IIHR Icon Kennedy Featured by Notre Dame Alma Mater Nov 18 2015
IIHR Introduces New Brochure on LACMRERS Aug 9 2010
IIHR Modeling Helps Modernize London's Sewers Aug 15 2014
IIHR Offers Water Quality Class: Learning from the River Jun 17 2010
IIHR Publishes Currents Mar 29 2016
IIHR Publishes Currents Mar 4 2015
IIHR Publishes Latest Issue of Currents Feb 10 2014
IIHR Researchers Study Human Impact on Midwestern Landscape Mar 10 2014
IIHR: After the Storm, They Need Our Help Jun 24 2011
Images of a Healthier Future Mar 2 2015
Imagine That: Want to compete? Keep your Creative Juices Flowing Aug 29 2007
Industrial Engineer Magazine Publishes Big Data Article by Kusiak Feb 28 2015
Information Security Media Group: Executive Decision-What to Encrypt? Jun 29 2011
International Perspectives: A Decade of International Education at IIHR Jan 8 2008
International Society for Human Simulation Holds First Conference May 26-27 May 26 2011
International Student Profile: Adair Gallo Jr. Jan 21 2015
Internship Grant Available for Small to Medium Sized STEM Companies Dec 5 2014
Intersection of Science and Engineering, and the Arts and Humanities Is Subject of 2016 Scholz Symposium Apr 5 2016
Inverse: The National Advanced Driving Simulator Is Big-Boy 'Grand Theft Auto' Sep 13 2015
Iowa Alumni Magazine Showcases 2014 ASCE Corn Monument Dec 8 2014
Iowa Alumni Magazine: A Dream Job Dec 10 2012
Iowa Alumni Magazine: Engineering Across Cultures Apr 11 2011
Iowa Alumni Magazine: Going Digital Apr 14 2009
Iowa Alumni Magazine: Ingenuity Meets Empathy Aug 14 2009
Iowa Alumni Magazine: Science in Motion Jun 16 2009
Iowa Board of Regents Approves Engineering Building Expansion to Meet Growth Sep 10 2014
Iowa City Community Schools Communicator: First Annual Candace Carmichael Elementary Art Exhibit Jan 26 2012
Iowa City Elementary School to be Named for Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Alexander Jul 11 2014
Iowa City FIRST Robotics Team to Compete March 12 Mar 10 2009
Iowa City Press Citizen: Engineering New Classes Dec 24 2007
Iowa City Press Citizen: Cutting Edge Work Done on Campus Dec 21 2009
Iowa City Press Citizen: Flood Models Will Better Prepare Cities, Residents May 25 2010
Iowa City Press Citizen: Hoping to Inspire Future Engineers Nov 25 2007
Iowa City Press Citizen: UI Engineering Students Help Family Build Home May 3 2009
Iowa City Press-Citizen: City High Class Builds on Architecture, Engineering Oct 7 2015
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Engineering Student Design Project Benefits Habitat for Humanity Oct 2 2007
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Engineering Students Graduate May 17 2009
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Future Looks Bright for STEM Resources Nov 10 2013
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Harkin calls for more national funding of research Aug 13 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Loebsack Pushes Congress for National Flood Center Aug 6 2013
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Professor Revs Up Interest in Autos Sep 10 2006
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Scientists Say Drought a Sign of Climate Change Nov 20 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Soft-spoken UI Leader Has Spirit of An Adventurer May 17 2010
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Student and Soldier Takes on Challenges Jun 11 2009
Iowa City Press-Citizen: A Mother and Her Sons Work Together As UI Students May 8 2016
Iowa City Press-Citizen: A Petri Dish of Ideas Mar 10 2013
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Activision Buys Local Game-Maker Jan 5 2009
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Colleges and High Schools Pair Up for Engineering Program Sep 13 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Company Works with UI to Move Wind Industry Forward Dec 31 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Darrell Wyrick, Former UI Foundation Leader, Dies at 81 May 18 2015
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Data Can Reveal Truth of Climate Change Apr 15 2016
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Digital Humans Have Practical Uses Sep 4 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Driving Simulator Aims to Reduce Fatality Rates Jul 26 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Eco-friendly Asphalt to Be Used in Iowa City Aug 16 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Engineering College Enrollment Booming Apr 5 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Experts Put Effort Behind Reducing Drowsy Driving Jun 30 2016
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Fab Lab Can Do It All Feb 17 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: FIRST Tech Challenge Brings Robots, 1,300 People to Coralville Mar 7 2016
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Flood Preparedness Forum to be Held May 30 May 22 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Groups Join Forces to Plant Trees Oct 16 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: High Flying Research Feb 16 2013
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Inspiring Tomorrow's Scientists Today Sep 9 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Interim Provost to Shepherd in Strategic Plan Oct 20 2010
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Iowa Flood Center Doubles Sensors Across the State Jan 16 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Iowa Leads in Addressing Climate Change Oct 13 2015
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Legos Come Alive Jun 20 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Loebsack Promotes More Flood Research Aug 16 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Money to Help Watch Water Sep 6 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Not Your Parents' Job Jul 4 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Officials Hope to Entice Driverless Vehicle Makers Jul 22 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Our View--State Right to Invest in Iowa Flood Center May 23 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Ponsetti's Legacy--Revolutionizing Clubfoot Treatment Nov 12 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Proving to Girls that Science Really Is Fun Feb 1 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Regents Budget Includes $1.5 Million for Flood Center May 9 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Robot Rumble--Students Creations Go Head to Head in FIRST Tech Challenge Feb 23 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Robots Invade Carver-Hawkeye Arena Apr 8 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Schnoor Raises Concerns Over Shrinking Jordan Aquifer Nov 16 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Stephens Is Living His Dream May 16 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Student Project Uses Sonar to Measure River Levels Mar 20 2010
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Students Pitch Their Ideas Nov 16 2009
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Students Test Effects of Energy Drinks on Driving Feb 11 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Sustainability Hard to Measure in Road Maintenance Jan 31 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Engineering Student's NCAA Bracket Among Best in Nation Mar 28 2013
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Engineering Students Accept National Challenge Apr 4 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Facility Helps Navy Dec 3 2010
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Grad Takes Bite of the Big Apple with "SNL" Gig Sep 18 2013
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Hopes Flood Center Gets Lasting Funding Apr 1 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Hosts Innovation Institute--Tech, Entrepreneurship Camp Jul 22 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Living-Learning Communities Continue to Grow Oct 29 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Lowers 42-Ton Magnet into New Biomedical Building Jun 11 2014
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Mulls $40M Engineering Expansion Jun 9 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Researchers Using Switchgrass to Remove PCBs from Soil Mar 20 2015
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Sierra Leader Helping New Group Grow Quickly Nov 28 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Student Bringing Invention to Sports World Apr 27 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Students Building Bridges, Changing Lives Around the World Dec 9 2013
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Teams Up with NASA to Better Predict Precipitation Via Satellites Jun 13 2013
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI to Reveal Flood Inundation Map Sep 1 2011
Iowa City Press-Citizen: UI Working to Court Iowa High Schoolers Earlier Aug 9 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Vinnie Wagner Juggles Med School, Mats Jan 13 2012
Iowa City Press-Citizen: West High Project Lead the Way Class Creates Model Cars Oct 19 2010
Iowa City Press-Citizen: Who Has 'World's Most Advanced' Driving Simulator? UI or Lexus Nov 16 2010
Iowa City Press-Citzen: Designing An App for That Apr 11 2010
Iowa City Press-Citzen: Biomedical Engineering Student Dogan Leads Study Showing Aging Effects of Smoking, Drinking Oct 9 2015
Iowa City Press-Citzen: Enrollment Surges at UI for Engineering Nov 25 2012
Iowa City Press-Citzen: Flood Center Working Hard for Iowa, World Jun 15 2013
Iowa City Public Schools Hold Inaugural Candace Carmichael Elementary School Art Exhibit Jan 6 2008
Iowa City Public Schools Hold Second Annual Candace Carmichael Elementary School Art Exhibit Jan 21 2014
Iowa City Teams Finish First In National Engineering Competition Apr 27 2007
Iowa City to Host Two Engineering Conferences Aug 15 2014
Iowa Engineer Magazine Celebrates Biomedical Engineering's 40th Year Jun 5 2014
Iowa Engineer Magazine Features Reinventing the Classroom Jul 13 2016
Iowa Engineer Magazine Focuses on Mentoring in the College of Engineering Nov 11 2014
Iowa Engineer Magazine Goes Digital Jun 19 2011
Iowa Engineer Magazine Now Available On Line Jun 1 2012
Iowa Engineer Magazine: More Than A Bird's Eye-View Sep 15 2007
Iowa Engineer Magazine: The Image of Health Oct 21 2008
Iowa Environmental Focus on the Radio: Dubuque-A Sustainable City Nov 15 2010
Iowa Environmental Focus on the Radio: Iowa Climate Change Dec 29 2010
Iowa Environmental Focus on the Radio: Iowa's Coal Problem Dec 20 2010
Iowa Environmental Focus on the Radio: Iowa-A Watershed Leader Nov 1 2010
Iowa Environmental Focus on the Radio: Iowa-The Windy State Nov 8 2010
Iowa Environmental Focus on the Radio: Preventing Future Flood Damage Oct 18 2010
Iowa EPSCoR Builds State's Research Capacity in Renewable Energy and Energy Use Jan 31 2013
Iowa EPSCoR: Provost P. Barry Butler-the Perfect Balancing Act Jun 28 2012
Iowa Farmer Today: Farming Provides Inspiration (for alumnus Joe Musil) Nov 21 2011
Iowa Flood Center Advances Toward Goal of Improving Flood Monitoring, Prediction Mar 12 2010
Iowa Flood Center Develops Web-Based Flood Map for Des Moines Mar 23 2011
Iowa Flood Center Featured at Iowa State Fair Aug 4 2012
Iowa Flood Center Highlighted on BTNLive Oct 30 2015
Iowa Flood Center Installs 50 More Electronic Stream Stage Sensors Jan 15 2012
Iowa Flood Center Joins with NASA to Study Soil Moisture Aug 1 2016
Iowa Flood Center Participates in NSF Hazards Event in Washington, D.C. Sep 6 2011
Iowa Flood Center Receives $11.3 Million for Refunding, Floodplain Mapping Project Jul 9 2010
Iowa Flood Center Reminds Iowans about Web Tool Apr 18 2013
Iowa Flood Center Researchers Hope to Learn from Western Iowa Flooding Jul 16 2011
Iowa Flood Center Selects Four Watersheds for Iowa Watershed Projects May 9 2012
Iowa Flood Center to Install 50 New Stream Stage Sensors Statewide Oct 17 2014
Iowa Flood Center Welcomes Call to Develop National Flood Center Jun 30 2011
Iowa Flood Center: Rivers of Data No date set
Iowa Geological Survey to Unveil New Offices at Trowbridge Hall Open House Oct 5 2014
Iowa Geological Survey Uncovers 467-Million-Year-Old Giant Fossilized Sea Scorpion Sep 8 2015
Iowa Geological Survey Unveils New Version of Geosam Nov 19 2014
Iowa Governor, Lt. Governor Briefed on Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging at New Pappajohn Medical Discovery Building May 22 2014
Iowa Harnesses Wind Energy Oct 17 2008
Iowa High School Teams Compete at FIRST Tech Challenge World Championships Apr 26 2014
Iowa Hosts Global Warm Mix Asphalt Workshop October 30-31 Oct 26 2013
Iowa Informatics Initiative to Hold September 27 Open House Sep 23 2016
Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging New Home to Be Dedicated October 15 Oct 14 2014
Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging to Hold Lung Imaging Workshop Dec. 3 Nov 28 2007
Iowa jobs for Iowa students Jan 10 2014
Iowa K-12 Students Chosen to Share Inventions at State Fair Aug. 11 Aug 6 2007
Iowa Magazine on Big Ten Network Features IIHR, NADS Jan 28 2009
Iowa Magazine: Five Weeks in Ghana Mar 11 2011
Iowa Makes the Green List May 21 2012
Iowa Medical Innovation Group Recruits Students Sep 30 2015
Iowa Mini Driving Simulator Offers Researchers Big Options in Small Format Apr 12 2010
Iowa Now: A Conversation with Ilsa May Aug 13 2012
IOWA NOW: Policymakers Need Better Pollution Models Mar 18 2012
Iowa Nutrient Research Center Studies Excess Nutrients in Iowa Water Dec 8 2014
Iowa Project Lead the Way Holds Core Training Institute for Teachers Jul 25 2014
Iowa Project Lead the Way Holds State Conference Nov 10 2012
Iowa Public Radio: Best and Worst Jobs May 10 2013
Iowa Public Radio: Driving Under the Influence--Cannabis Vs. Alcohol Mar 6 2016
Iowa Public Radio: Low-tech Solutions Provide Breakthrough for UI Professor Dec 22 2015
Iowa Second in US in Wind Generation Capacity; College Plays Role Feb 3 2009
Iowa Student Engineers Develop Handheld Water Sanitizer for a Thirsty World Feb 16 2009
Iowa to Receive State Leadership Award for Wind Energy May 29 2008
Iowa's Man In Japan Feb 12 2016
IowaNow: No More Sleepless Nights Mar 29 2012