Andres Martinez

Recipient of the College of Engineering 2018 Staff Excellence Award for Research

Dr. Martinez is a member of Gabriele Villarini’s and Keri Hornbuckle’s research team.  He came to IIHR as a postdoc in 2010, and then was hired as an Assistant Research Scientist in 2012. In 2016 he was advanced to Assistant Research Engineer, a rank in IIHR that recognizes that he works independently to build his own research program and obtain external funding.

Dr. Martinez contributes to engineering in the area of environmental pollutants, specifically related to pollutant sampling, analysis, and fate and transport modeling.  He is a researcher on the UI’s PCT Superfund program, where he is a member of the team investigating sources of airborne PCBs in indoor and outdoor environments.

Dr. Martinez has published 24 peer-reviewed papers on environmental contaminants and was the lead author on 8 of those papers.  One of his most important publications, on which he is the lead author, reports on the results of data collected on airborne PCBs in New Bedford Harbor in New Bedford, Massachusetts. His work confirmed that PCB-contaminated sediment at the bottom of the harbor is the primary source of airborne PCBs which are inhaled by the residents in surrounding communities and is “the first time that a PCB-contaminated waterway was confirmed as the source of local airborne PCBs.” His work led directly to a better understanding of dangerous contaminants around us and will lead to better-informed mitigation activities in communities, resulting in more focused use of resources to clean-up hazardous pollutants and ultimately better public health. Dr. Hornbuckle adds that Dr. Martinez “leads national and international initiatives on sediment remediation, transport, and modeling” because of his “international and national network of peers and collaborators.” His contributions to science and technology are both significant to the engineering field and valuable to the well-being of communities worldwide.