Brandon Barquist

Recipient of the College of Engineering 2018 Mary Sheedyn Staff Excellence Award

Brandon Barquist started as a research assistant in 2007 and has since been promoted through several positions to his current role of Mechanical Shop Manager.  Nomination letters were submitted by his supervisor, Troy Lyons, as well as research staff and current and former faculty members.  Those letters provided multiple examples where Brandon used persistence and ingenuity to solve engineering challenges.  In so doing he has advanced IIHR research and has proven himself to be an outstanding example of leadership and service to the College.  

Troy Lyons wrote, “Brandon has transformed into a leader whose work sustains the institute, its people, and its mission of research, education, and service.”  Brandon puts as much effort and care into supervising students as he does for his regular staff, thereby contributing to the mission of “graduating broadly-educated engineers.”  

His precise, high quality work is known on and off campus, as people consult with Brandon for assistance with making custom pieces of equipment. As Professor Just wrote, Brandon is a “ ‘yes’ kind of person” who can handle multiple challenges and projects at once, and still asks if he can help with anything else. Dr. Hyunse Yoon, former Associate Research Scientist in IIHR, said, “I believe there are many IIHR faculty and staff like me who have had our own career supported by Mr. Barquist. He is a wise counselor, a standard bearer of integrity and civility, and is as highly respected as anyone in the field.” Brandon’s history of excellence and the breadth of impact that his work has had, from research to education, make him an exemplary recipient of this award.