Ph.D. Dissertation Year Fellows (CEE)

Tsakiris, Wang and Bril Selected as PhD Dissertation Year Fellows

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) is proud to announce the recipients of the newly established PhD Dissertation Year Fellowship.   Based on their excellent track records of scholarly achievements during their doctoral training to date, Jeremy Bril (EES), Achilleas Tsakiris (HWR), and Yang Wang (SMM) were selected by the CEE Graduate Committee for this distinction.  The Dissertation Year Fellowship Program was established through funds from the University of Iowa Graduate College Strategic Initiative Funds and the CEE department to support outstanding senior doctoral students nearing completion of their degree, allowing them to conclude their doctoral work in a timely manner.

Jeremy Bril is doing his doctoral research under the supervision of Professor Craig Just assessing the effects of native freshwater mussels on aquatic ecosystems.  Native freshwater mussels are many times described as “ecosystem engineers” mostly for their manipulation of the water-sediment interface in lakes, streams, and rivers as a consequence of their daily behaviors.  Jeremy’s PhD research is focused on quantifying the impact that native freshwater mussels in the Iowa River have on aquatic nitrogen dynamics.

Achilleas Tsakiris’ research studies the influence of large boulders on the sediment transport patterns in mountainous streams.  Ultimately, outcomes of his Ph.D. research will provide stream restoration engineers with scientific guidelines for educated and sustainable design of restoration projects, which involve the placement of such boulders in gravel streams. 

Yang Wang is pursuing her PhD under the supervision of Professor Salam Rahmatalla. Her work focuses on human head-neck models in whole-body vibration with different postures, the modeling of a supine human and the underlying transport system under whole–body vibration, dynamic system identification by optimization, and numerical simulation in whole body vibration.