Welcome from the DEO (CEE)

Dear CEE Friends,

Well, it has been another exciting year here in CEE with many, many accomplishments, lots of fun, and a few more changes in place for 2012. Our students continue to do amazing projects here in Iowa, around the Nation, and around the world. The projects range from the yearly concrete canoe and steel bridge to designing and installing rain gardens here on campus and building foot bridges in Nicaragua. They are an amazing group, and we are both proud of them, and sad to say goodbye to them. This year we had 54 B.S, 16 M.S., and 8 Ph.D students graduate. Congratulations and best wishes to all of you! You have achieved a goal that was hard-won and will last a lifetime. 

Our faculty continue to be first-class teachers and researchers. Our very own Allen Bradley received The President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence for his dedication to student learning and engagement in our introductory first-year class in Engineering Problem Solving (EPS1). One of the many inspiring things that Allen does in this class is that he learns all 250 or more names of the students in his lectures before class starts. I hear stories of students raising their hands in the first class and Allen responding with “Yes, Sarah, how can I help you”.  Faculty members like Allen make CEE at Iowa a special place.

In addition to providing a first-class education to our students, our faculty and students remain highly engaged in contributing high-impact, scholarly research on topics as diverse as flood mitigation, radionuclide detection, carbon sequestration, water treatment, and digital human modeling. In 2011 alone, we conducted over $9 million dollars in external research and published seventy journal articles. We also implemented a new program, the CEE Research Experience for Undergraduates (CEE-REU) to provide college and departmental support to get even more of our undergraduates into our labs, out in the field, and engaged in research with our faculty and graduate students.

As we move forward in 2012, we have some exciting changes in CEE and the college. We are delighted to welcome three new faculty to our department - David Cwiertny, Craig Just, and Chris Stoakes. They bring valuable expertise in water sustainability and are already engaged in teaching both core courses, and new graduate level courses. We also have a new administrator assistant, Jennifer Rumping, who has already made herself completely invaluable to both students and faculty alike! In addition, we just finished our external search for the new Dean of the College and we are all so very excited that Alec Scranton, our Interim Dean for the past year will continue to lead our college for the next several years. It is, as you can see, an exciting time in CEE, and I am very much looking forward to see what 2012 brings.


Michelle Scherer
Professor and DEO
Civil and Environmental Engineering