COE Budget Message

Budget message from Dean Alec Scranton - 6/26/20

Dear Colleagues,

 I write to update you on the College of Engineering’s budget and its impact on our staff. As you know, the college and the University of Iowa have seen significant budget shortfalls due to COVID-19, reductions in state appropriations, and enrollment changes. Specific to the College of Engineering, after a decade of unprecedented growth, our enrollment is expected to decrease next year. Recognizing these financial challenges, I have made some difficult decisions including: the permanent elimination of several staff positions within the college; no anticipated salary increases in January 2021; and significantly limiting hiring except for essential college operations or research initiatives. The college may need to employ additional cost-saving strategies in the coming months. However, we do not anticipate the elimination of any additional positions.

I recognize the gravity of these decisions and effect they have on our entire college. I also understand that behind each of these outcomes, the impact will be felt most directly by people, and our people make this college the vibrant space that it is. The college is committed to protecting our faculty and staff to the greatest extent possible. Please know that any decisions made are not a reflection on an individual employee or their quality of work, and I am disappointed to be in this position.

I appreciate and acknowledge all of your hard work during this very challenging time. As a college, we continue to be committed to helping our students and you be as successful as possible. As leadership of the college transitions to Dean Harriet Nembhard next week, we will keep you updated on any additional cost-saving measures that will be implemented during the upcoming fiscal year as well as other news about preparing for the fall semester. Dean Nembhard is aware of the budget situation and will take the lead on budget decisions and plans next week.

Please know you can reach out to me with any questions or concerns.