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College of Engineering Administration Office   3100 Seamans Center 335-5764
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)     335-8501
Facilities Director John Millsap 1130 Seamans Center 335-5773
Facilities Management for the University of Iowa (FM)     335-5071
Information Technology Services (ITS)

General Information
New Services/Repairs



Emergencies     911
Public Safety     335-5022
Parking/Transportation     335-1475

Access Control Card Reader System (Back to Top)

The Seamans Center is equipped with a card access system to entrances and many Departmental Offices, Laboratories and Conference/Seminar Rooms. See the Seamans Center Access Control Guidelines on the College of Engineering web site for detailed guidelines.

Individuals may request special access for Conference/Seminar reservations and events from the Facilities Manager.

Air Conditioning-Heating (Back to Top)

If an office or laboratory temperature is uncomfortable, check that the thermostat is properly adjusted. If the adjustment does not correct the temperature, report the situation to the Facilities Manager. FM will be contacted to troubleshoot and repair the problem.

Temperatures in classrooms are programmed to maintain a set temperature during the weekdays and evening hours. During “off-hours” thermostats are programmed to set-back to an energy conserving temperature.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy (Back to Top)

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Seamans Center at any time.

Biohazardous Waste (Back to Top)

Biohazardous waste disposal must follow guidelines set by the University of Iowa Health Protection Office.

Departments/Laboratories are to utilize the “Red Biohazardous Waste Containers" and liners provided by FSG. The exterior of the container must be labeled appropriately with the barcode labels provided by the Facilities Manager. Laboratory Staff Members will transport the containers to the SC staging area where FM Maintenance will pick-up for proper disposal. Laboratoies may pick up  “Red Containers” and new liners for future use at the cage area.

Bottled Water (Back to Top)

Bottled water purchases are the decision and cost to individual Departments/users.

Building Hours (Back to Top)

Lichtenberger Library Entrance (Ent. #1)

Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.
Friday 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Saturday Closed
Sunday 2:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

All Other Entrances

Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.
Friday 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Special Note: During University breaks and designated holidays, the Seamans Center will be locked. Please use your access card to enter. All entrances open until 9:00 p.m. on Friday of Finals Week.

Building Maintenance (Back to Top)

Any Facility question or problem related to temperature, lighting, doors, locks, elevators, plumbing, spills, leaks, windows, etc., should be reported to the Facilities Manager. FM will be contacted to resolve the problem.

Building Restrictions (Back to Top)

University regulations prohibit all animals (except guide dogs), bicycles, roller blades, and skates in the building.

State Law and University Policy prohibit smoking at all University grounds.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Seamans Center Facility.

Microwave ovens, coffee makers, small fans, and small refrigerators are permitted in offices. Electrical hot plates, cooking devices, and heaters are not permitted. State Fire Marshal prohibits the use of space heaters in University owned and operated facilities.

Microwave ovens are available for use in the Staff Lounge, G221, and the Student Lounge, G131.

The Galley Kitchen, 3216, is available for use by reserving the space in Microsoft Outlook. The Galley Kitchen has a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. See the Facilities Manager for a detailed listing of kitchen items available for use.

Bulletin Boards-Posting Signs/Posters (Back to Top)

The College of Engineering has installed special, easy-to-use brushed aluminum poster display rails in select seminar-conference rooms in the Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences.

Signs/posters for events can be posted on easels that can be checked out from the Facilities Manager. Signs for events may be posted on Departmental bulletin boards with the prior approval from the Departmental Secretaries.

Signs are not permitted on walls, doors, glass, etc., anywhere in the facility.

Students may use the bulletin board located in the 2nd floor Lobby alcove area near the telephone to post their own personal ads. The ads must be neat and in good taste, not mass marketed advertisements. University or College announcements may also be posted on this board.

Faculty or Staff may post grades, offices hours etc., on the bulletin boards provided adjacent to their office entry door. No items are to be posted on the door surfaces, glass or wall areas.

Class changes may be posted on the bulletin board or signage “slip-in” adjacent to the classroom door. No items are to be posted on the door surfaces, glass or adjacent wall areas.

Departmental announcements and literature must be posted on Departmental bulletin boards located adjacent to Departmental Offices. Bulletin boards are to be kept neat and organized, and outdated literature is to be removed in a timely manner.

Any laboratory or research bulletin boards and/or displays must be approved by the Facilities Manager. Materials on these boards must be kept neat and organized, and outdated information is to be removed in a timely manner.

Conference/Seminar room number signs have a convenient “slide in” feature, which enables you to display an 8 ½ by 11 page as a temporary information sign by the door.

Classrooms (General Assignment) & Equipment (Back to Top)

General Assignment Classrooms in the Seamans Center are 1505, 2133, 2217, 3026, 3315, 3321, 3505, and 4030.

The University of Iowa Office of the Registrar, Classroom Scheduling assigns and reserves all General Assignment Classrooms including those located in the Seamans Center. Requests for reservations can be made at 335-1243 or

For assistance with technology or other classroom issues, please contact the Classroom Hotline at 335-1976  or

No food or drink allowed in classrooms.

You may request, in advance, additional audio visual equipment for use in these classrooms at 335-1243 or

Visit The Office of the Registrar, Classroom Scheduling web site for additional information regarding these rooms.

Conference/Seminar Rooms at the Seamans Center (Back to Top)

Seamans Center Conference/Seminar Rooms are for reservation on Outlook. The Facilities Manager, Department Secretaries, and the Dean’s Office are available to make reservations for these rooms on Outlook. This includes the following rooms/spaces: 1306, 2228, 2258, 3111, 3210, 3216 Galley Kitchen, 3220, 3258, 3501, 3511, 4210 Fethke Rooftop Terrace, 4501, and 4511.

Please do not remove tables and/or chairs from a conference/seminar room without prior approval from the Facilities Manager.

Covered beverages only. Food at events in Conference/Seminar rooms must be pre-arranged and approved by the Facilities Manager.

3517 and 4517 are available on demand for Faculty and Staff at any time; no reservations are necessary.

See link regarding “Seamans Center Conference/Seminar Room Reservation Policy” and the “College of Engineering Conference and Seminar Room Reservations” spreadsheet for a detailed listing of equipment available for use by room.

The College of Engineering has installed special, easy-to-use brushed aluminum poster display rails in select seminar-conference rooms in the Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences.

Equipment in these rooms is maintained by the College of Engineering. Any specific requests or problems with the equipment should be reported to the Facilities Manager.

After use of audio-visual equipment, please turn off or log out, and return to the condition and location you found it in.

Conference/Seminar rooms are not for the purpose of a regularly scheduled class.

Conference/Seminar/Help rooms may be scheduled prior to the upcoming semester for blocks of time to assist students. This request is to be coordinated with the Facilities Manager.

Individuals may request special access for Conference/Seminar reservations and events from the Facilities Manager.

Read the summary of room equipment for a detailed listing of equipment, seating,and  tables available in each room. If you are planning a web conference, see this comparison of SC web conference rooms.

Conference Telephone, 3210 Seamans Center(Back to Top)

There is a conference phone in 3210 Seamans Center; the number is 335-6406. To set up a conference call, you must get an authorization code from ITS. Send a requisition to the ITS Help Desk, 15 Lindquist Center, requesting an authorization code to use with the phone line 335-6406. On the requisition, specify the date and time of the call. If your call is with two or more other people, the campus operator, 335-3618, will connect all the people involved in the call at the scheduled time. If the conference call involves only the caller and 1 or 2 other people, you can make the call yourself. Dial 9 and then the phone number of the first person. You will hear fast busy tones. Then enter the authorization code. If there is a second person to connect, follow those same steps. Call Brenda Carey, 335-6262, if you have questions.

Custodial Services (Back to Top)

FM Custodial Services are responsible for general cleaning of the facility; however, it is our responsibility as faculty, staff, students, and visitors to respect and take care of our facility. Please take care of areas you use, clean-up after use of any space, and report any facility problems to the Facilities Manager.

FM Custodial Staff are responsible for general cleaning of public spaces, floors, dusting, waste removal, and recycle removal (not pop containers). FSG utilizes a color coded system for the days of the week. The door frame of the room will be labeled with a color that indicates the day(s) for scheduled cleaning.

Personal office items and laboratory equipment, including surfaces, are the responsibility of the individuals to clean and maintain. Microwaves and refrigerators in office areas are to be kept clean and maintained by the individual(s).

FM provides waste receptacles in public spaces (i.e. restrooms, classrooms, hallways, etc.) and recycle receptacles in designated areas throughout the building; contact the Facilities Manager to request additional containers.

Any spills or special assistance needed, contact the Facilities Manager or FSG Work Control.

For large events requiring additional clean-up, contact the Facilities Manager for specific arrangements.

Custodial Services are available to assist with a large event clean-up. A Blue Req is required to be submitted to FM ahead of time with the appropriate event information and contact.

Please respect the Facility, leave a space as you found it, and please make a call if you see something that needs attention.

Elevators (Back to Top)

The Seamans Center has five elevators in the facility. If an elevator is not operating properly, please report it to the Facilities Manager or FM Work Control (refer to the elevator number located on the signage).

Emergency Procedures (Back to Top)

In the event of a fire alarm, a message will sound throughout the building with instructions to proceed to the nearest stairwell and vacate the building. Do not use elevators during an emergency situation.

When the emergency has cleared, a message will be broadcast outside the facility for occupants to return.

For Any Medical Emergency, call 911

For a Police Emergency, contact Public Safety at 335-5022

(See Department of Public Safety Emergency Procedures site for specific procedures)

Energy Conservation (Back to Top)

Please make an effort to turn off lights and equipment when not in use. Consider energy efficient models of equipment when you are purchasing items for your Department or Laboratory. Turn back the temperature of your office/lab thermostat when a space will not be in use for a considerable length of time.

Please make an effort to recycle office paper, newspaper, cardboard materials, and pop containers appropriately.

Events (Back to Top)

Any significant event planned in the Seamans Center should be communicated to the Facilities Manager well in advance for appropriate use of spaces and coordination with other events scheduled at the College.

Extreme Weather Policy (Back to Top)

In the event of a tornado or severe weather, proceed to the lowest level of the building or, if this is not possible, an interior hallway or room. Keep away from windows and glass, including the open atrium area.

Refer to The University of Iowa Critical Incident Management Plan and the College of Engineering Safety Plan

Fethke Rooftop Terrace (4210) (Back to Top)

The Fethke Rooftop Terrace is located in the center of the facility and accessible from the 4th floor. The space is open from April into November, weather permitting. The space is available for use anytime during good weather. For large events, please schedule the space in Microsoft Outlook. Tables and chairs are provided along with waste receptacles, power, and data ports (maximum capacity of 100). Please remove trash and deposit in dockside dumpster after event, unless a blue req. has been sent in for custodial services.

Food and Beverages (Back to Top)

The University of Iowa does not permit food and beverages in Classrooms. Food and beverages are also not permitted in Engineering Computer Labs. Follow guidelines of individual Departments regarding Laboratories.

Covered beverages are permitted in the Seamans Center Student Commons area located outside the Lichtenberger Engineering Library and the 2nd Floor Lobby Entry Area.

Covered beverages are permitted in Seamans Center Conference/Seminar Rooms. Food may be permitted at events with pre-arrangement and approval by the Facilities Manager. Users must clean up promptly after every event by removing garbage from the room(s) and disposing of it in the dumpster located at the Seamans Center dock area. New trash liners can be found in the bottom of the waste containers.

Tables, chairs, and surfaces must be cleaned off and the room(s) returned to their original layout.

Empty pop cans and pop bottles can be disposed of in noted containers found throughout the facility. Make your effort to recycle and keep pests out of the facility. The proceeds benefit the College of Engineering Student Organizations.

Please report any spill or additional help needed to the Facilities Manager or FM immediately.

Francis Business Visitors Center (Back to Top)

The Francis Business Visitors Center, located at 3123 Seamans Center, is an inviting, hospitable, functional private office environment that serves business and academic leaders who visit the college for meetings, classroom teaching, and seminars with students, faculty, and administrative staff. The three offices in the Center accommodate privacy, equipment, amenities, and resources--simulating an "office away from their office" -- so visitors feel welcome and inclined to become even more engaged to the college.

The facility also enables visitors to effectively conduct their own business while not involved in collegiate meetings, classes, and seminars. In addition, the Center provides convenient, professional stand-by facilities near the Student Development Center to accommodate overflow interview room scenarios during peak career recruiting periods. Corporate, organization, and academic guests conducting business with the College (from a few hours to a week or more) receive priority attention on a first-reserved, first-committed basis.

The offices are equipped with telephone (local calls free, credit card or collect for long distance calls), high-speed Internet connections, and basic office supplies.

Contact Wendy Brentner (319-335-5764) for room availability and reservations.

Hanging Art, Awards, etc., on Walls (Back to Top)

Contact the Facilities Manager regarding any requests to hang art, awards, etc., on walls. We require the proper hardware and installation procedures.

The College of Engineering has installed special, easy-to-use brushed aluminum poster display rails in select seminar-conference rooms in the Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences.

John Deere Plaza (Back to Top)

The John Deere Plaza is a patio area located at the southeast corner of the facility adjacent to the southeast entrance. This area may be reserved for special events by contacting the Facilities Manager.

Keys (Back to Top)

Keys for offices and laboratories may be requested by contacting the Facilities Manager. This is a policy implemented by FSG Key Shop and the College of Engineering in order to maintain an inventory of the individuals that are issued keys for your security benefit. All key requisitions must be approved by the Facilities Manager.

Upon leaving the College or University, please return keys to the Facilities Manager or Departmental Offices.

When moving to a new location, previous office/lab keys must be turned over to the Facilities Manager in order for an individual to be issued a new key.

Please notify the Facilities Manager of any lost keys.

Lost and Found (Back to Top)

Lost and Found is located in the Student Development Center, 3612 SC. Individuals may also check the University Lost and Found at the Iowa Memorial Union Parking Ramp Office.

Moving (Back to Top)

All move requests are to be submitted, approved, and coordinated with the Facilities Manager.

New Equipment or Moving Equipment (Back to Top)

Any new equipment purchases that require substantial space, HVAC, and electrical or mechanical work must be coordinated with the Facilities Manager.

Major purchases must be coordinated with the Facilities Manager prior to purchasing so delivery and installation instructions are properly submitted with the requisition. Many purchases arrive by semi-truck and require specific delivery and installation needs coordinated ahead of time.

Any moving of furniture or major equipment must be coordinated with the Facilities Manager.

Office Furnishings (Back to Top)

All office furniture requests are to be submitted, approved, and coordinated with the Facilities Manager.

Parking (Back to Top)

All campus parking requests are to be directed to The University of Iowa Parking and Transportation Office.

Parking is not permitted in the Seamans Center Dock Area. This area is for University of Iowa approved service vehicles only.

There is one 30-minute parking space that is available for an emergency need only; 30 minutes maximum and is located in this area.

Seamans Center Dock Area “violators” will be reported to The University of Iowa Parking and Transportation Office and will be ticketed.

Motorcycles are not permitted to park in any area of the Seamans Center including the brick sidewalk in front of the South Entry and the Seamans Center Dock Area.

Plants (Back to Top)

The Seamans Center has plants located in public areas that are maintained by the College.

Individual plants are the responsibility of the plant owner. Take special care when bringing plants into the facility, especially maintaining them and keeping them bug-free.

Projects (Back to Top)

Any potential new projects in the Seamans Center are to be coordinated with the Facilities Manager.

Property Management/Surplus (Back to Top)

Any disposal of University equipment first requires completion of a “Property Management Surplus Removal Request Form”. The form can be obtained from the Property Management web site or from the Facilities Manager. Once the form is filled out, please submit it to the Facilities Manager for approval. The Facilities Manager will submit the form to PMO and will coordinate the removal of the equipment with Surplus and the requestor. The process is in place to keep the College of Engineering Property Inventory Listing with Property Management current and accurate.

New equipment Property Management ID Tags are received by the Facilities Manager from the Property Management Office. The Facilities Manager is responsible for coordinating the equipment tagging and submittal of the signed “Tag Sheet” back to the PMO.

Recycle/Trash Program (Back to Top)

All classrooms, offices, labs, and seminar rooms are supplied with waste/trash containers.

Users may request a separate container to be used for Recycle Materials or may use a cardboard container.

Users must take their Recyclable Materials to any of the following facility recycling centers and/or other designated blue recycle bin locations throughout the building:

1329 SC
2400 SC
3329 SC
4329 SC


Recycle totes may be rolled to office to empty recycle, but please return to designated area for other occupants to utilize.

Recyclable Materials

Office paper (loose-leaf or stapled only)
Corrugated cardboard (broken flat and stacked)
Chipboard (broken flat and stacked)
Pop Cans and Plastic Pop Bottles (empty and rinsed); proceeds benefit the College of Engineering Student Organizations.

Aluminum Pop Can and Plastic Pop Bottle recycle containers are located throughout the facility and are designated and labeled specifically on the freestanding containers.

Utilize these recycle containers or remove your cans and bottles from the facility on a regular basis.

Packing Materials

Packing Materials disposal containers are located in the recycling centers.

Shredded Paper

Request bags from the FSG Custodial Staff, and the bagged shredded paper will be picked up with trash removal.

Special Requests

Please contact the Facilities Manager for larger trash, shred, or recycling removal requests.

Room Reservations (Back to Top)

(See Conference/Seminar Rooms)

Shredding Services (Back to Top)

Individuals and Departments may purchase their own shredder. FSG will pick up shredded materials with trash removal (please mark the shred items for removal).

For large shredding jobs, we have a contract with a Shredding Service. Please contact the Facilities Manager to make arrangements.

Signage (Back to Top)

Permanent signage in the building is provided by the College. Any changes or additions to the signage must be coordinated and approved by the Facilities Manager and FSG.

Individual name cards for the signage are provided by the Facilities Manager. Please contact the Facilities Manager for changes or additions.

Solicitation (Back to Top)

Salespersons or agents are prohibited from soliciting employees or students in any building or part of University property.

Engineering Student Organizations may use the 2nd floor Lobby Area for approved Engineering events. There are mobile chairs and tables in this area for use. Additional needs may be requested to the Facilities Manager.

Space Allocation Policy/Requests (Back to Top)

As noted in the College’s space allocation policy, implemented by the Engineering Administrative Council during Spring Semester 1998, “the College is committed to a space utilization plan which maximizes the utility of the space and makes it possible to reassign space as needs change over time.”

Also, “To retain research and teaching laboratory space, faculty must demonstrate continuing effective and productive use of the space”

All requests for space are to be submitted to the Facilities Manager for review.

Telecommunications Equipment (Back to Top)

All telecommunications equipment in the SC is supplied and maintained by The University of Iowa ITS Department. For moves, adds, or changes, contact the Facilities Manager to coordinate.

Telephones (Back to Top)

There is a campus phone available for use in the bulletin board alcove located off the 2nd floor Lobby Area.

There is a local phone line (335-6406) that is located in 3210SC. This phone line can be moved on a temporary basis to various other SC Conference/Seminar rooms indicated on the attachment.

To arrange to use this phone line, you will need to notify the Facilities Manager ahead of time to schedule and make this arrangement which includes loaning a conference phone for use in the specific room that is reserved. The conference phone that is located in 3210 needs to remain in place.

If you need to make a long distance call, this phone line requires an authorization code. The process to obtain an authorization code for a meeting is to submit a Blue Req to the ITS CID (Customer Information Desk) located at 100 Lindquist Center.

Phone service problems are to be reported to ITS at 335-2945.

Tours (Back to Top)

The College of Engineering Student Development Center, located at 3612 Seamans Center, provides tours conducted by the Engineering Student Ambassador Organization. Contact the SDC at 335-5763.

Vending Services (Back to Top)

Vending machines are located in the alcove off the 2nd floor Lobby Area.

Microwave ovens are located in G131 for student use.

Video Conferencing (Back to Top)

Call Computer Systems Support at 5-5751.

Whiteboards (Back to Top)

FM cleans the white boards in classrooms. Please leave a note on your whiteboard if you would like the Custodial Services to clean your individual board.

Please do not use permament marker. This is hard to clean off the white boards and will cause ghosting problems.

Accessories are to be provided by the users for all rooms.

For whiteboard purchase and installation contact the Facilities Manager.