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Our goal is to provide a transformative educational experience that prepares our graduates to become an engineer and something more



- Be a college of distinction known for supporting student success


Critical Tasks 

- Attract, support, and graduate a talented and high‐achieving student body

- Maintain an enrollment that continues to afford each student the opportunity to create their unique place within, and their unique mark on, our community

- Capitalize on our strengths within the college and within the broader university community to provide an extraordinary student experience

- Provide students with individualized attention to meet their changing personal and professional academic interests


Indicators of Success

- Improved on‐time graduation rates

- Undergraduate enrollment of approximately 2,200

- Reduced student‐faculty ratio



- Foster an inclusive environment that supports a thriving, diverse, and supportive community

Critical Tasks

- Recruit and retain faculty, staff, and student body to enhance the diversity of the college

- Promote opportunities that advance student, faculty, and staff knowledge and appreciation of diversity, equity, and inclusion

- Develop retention programs designed to empower first‐generation, international, and underrepresented students


Indicators of Success

- Increased diversity of faculty, staff, and students

- Measurable increase in first‐year retention rates

- Measurable increase in retention and graduation rates of first‐generation, international, and underrepresented students



- Provide a world‐class undergraduate engineering education


Critical Tasks

- Provide a modern curriculum that instills both technical depth and the broad foundation of liberal arts essential for lifelong growth and achievement

- Continuously innovate major curricula

- Create a culture that promotes curricular collaboration across departments

- Transform the classroom with the latest pedagogy and advanced tools for engineering education

- Enable and promote experiential learning

- Raise the profile of effective teaching

- Expand undergraduate research programs and student mentoring

Indicators of Success

- Curricula continuously accredited

- Increased number of cross‐department collaborative courses

- All undergraduates in the college of engineering participate in one or more of the following before graduation: research; study abroad; co‐op/internship; a student organization; outreach; mentoring others (peer advisor, tutoring, etc.)

- Increased number of students graduating with honors

- Increased number of students who complete certificates and/or minors