Annual Report 2019-20

This year’s Annual Report details the metrics which drive us – our research output, our finances, and our enrollment. More than that, though, this report reflects the work of our people – faculty, staff, and students – from across the college whose contributions make this college the vibrant space that it is. 

In my first few months as dean, I have been impressed by the strength of the research being produced by our faculty and staff, the dedication of our eager and enterprising students, and our college community’s commitment to excellence and inclusion. Undoubtedly, 2020 presented us with challenges but it is through the resilience and adaptability that characterizes engineers that we have been able to strive, sustain, and succeed.

Although our college is small relative to our peers, our work continues to have a tremendous impact on the health, safety, and wellbeing of our Iowa community and communities around the country and across the globe. I am excited for the future of this college as we continue our tradition of discovery and innovation while we train the next generation of innovative, ethical, and entrepreneurial engineers.


2019-2020 Annual Report PDF