Black History Month

The College of Engineering at The University of Iowa takes great pride in saluting the contributions of its African-American alumni, faculty, and students. The College has long been known for its leadership in ethnic inclusion.

Today the College continues to make enormous efforts towards diversity and inclusion to support the engineering disciplines. Currently, 23% of all U.S. Ph.D. students are underrepresented minorities.

Distinguished Alumni

Dr. Lilia A. Abron

Archie Alexander

Thomas E. Daniels

Dr. Phillip Hubbard

Dr. Clifford D. Smith

Luther H. Smith

Distinguished Faculty Member

Tonya L. Peeples

Associate Dean for Diversity and Outreach, and
Director of Ethnic Inclusion for Iowa Engineering

Recent Graduates 

Siddig Siddig
Dr. Victoria  Henry Dr. Henry WIlliams Dr. Leroy Magwood Siddig Siddig

Graduate Students     

Jaqueline Pereira da Silva Brittany Givens Aribet Dejesus

Undegraduate Students 

Gabrielle Kershaw
Austin Strom
Richard Pryor Mariama Corneh Gabrielle Kershaw Austin Strom


Ethnic Inclusion Effort for Iowa Engineering
Recognizing the diversity crisis in engineering, the College initiated the Ethnic Inclusion Effort for Iowa Engineering. Formalizes our effort to directly address national ethnic diversity issues in the engineering discipline.


NSF Iowa Regents Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP)
To improve diversity at the graduate level, the College joined with other science, mathematics, engineering and technology programs (SMET) of the Iowa Regents Universities and was awarded an NSF AGEP Iowa Regents Alliance grant. The AGEP grant is a five year commitment, undertaken by the three Regents Universities of the State of Iowa, to significantly increase the number of Ph.D.’s awarded to African Americans, Latina/os and Native Americans US minorities in science, mathematics, engineering and technology (SMET) disciplines.


National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Sciences, Inc. (GEM)
The College successfully established membership as a GEM institution (National Consortium for Graduate Degrees in Engineering and Sciences). GEM is dedicated to improving diversity in SMET programs at the graduate level.


Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN)
The College was also awarded a Department of Education GAANN Fellowship grant to support ten fellowships to graduate students form underrepresented ethnic groups.


Multi-Ethnic Engineering and Science Students Association (MESA)
The award-winning MESA-Iowa City School District Tutoring Program was moved to the College of Engineering in 2003. Faculty and students belonging to the Multi-Ethnic Engineering and Science Students Association (MESA) take part in a weekly program to help underrepresented and disadvantaged fifth- through twelfth-grade students in the Iowa City Community School District.


National Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
The University of Iowa hosted the SHPE (Society for Hispanic and Professional Engineers) Midwest Conference in November 2003. Over 400 students and 75 company representatives from 20 states in the region came together to attend what is touted as one of the best SHPE regional conferences ever.