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What is ESAC?

The Engineering Staff Advisory Council is an elected body that represents staff members in the College of Engineering. This constituent group is composed of Professional and Scientific, Merit Supervisory Exempt, and Merit Confidential staff. The purpose of the Engineering Staff Advisory Council (ESAC) is to facilitate communication within the college, represent staff concerns and issues to College of Engineering Administration, and ensure staff involvement in committees and discussions that affect College of Engineering staff.  ESAC also promotes local community service and social activities to encourage community-building within the College of Engineering, and to give back in our larger community.

News & Events

 Read the ESAC FY 2018-2019 Year End Report


Adopt-A-Classroom Campaign Photo
Adopt-a-Classroom Campaign Update

Thank you to all who donated during our Adopt-a-Classroom campaign. Together we collected over 150 items to be used by toddlers and preschoolers attending HACAP's Head Start programs in Iowa City and surrounding communities!


Staff breakroom in SC-4625

All College of Engineering staff have access to the 4th floor SC annex kitchen and breakroom. This room is now equipped with two tables with chairs, paper towels, dish soap, and disposable tableware. It also contains one of our program’s compost buckets. Kitchen facilities without tables are also available in SC in 3216 and 2329 to all CoE staff.


Read the ESAC FY 2017-2018 Year End Report by clicking here.



Congratulations to newly-elected ESAC Councilors! Dawn Marshall – research manager, National Advanced Driving Simulator – and Sarah Livesay – assistant director, Hanson Center for Technical Communication – were elected to two-year terms on ESAC beginning July 1, 2019. The results were uncontested. Katie Schnedler was appointed to fill a councilor vacancy starting July 1, 2019 until the following election in spring 2020.

Summer Cookout

Thank you College of Engineering Staff for attending the summer cookout! ESAC's social events committee organized a cookout on June 2nd over lunch. Beef burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs and sides were served to staff at this compost-friendly event. Over 35 people attended to celebrate a productive summer and connect with colleagues.


ESAC Monthly Meeting Dates for Fall 2019

Any staff employed in the College of Engineering may attend.

Friday 8/2 8:30-10 am, NADS conference room

Friday 9/6 8:30-10 am, SC2258

Friday 10/4 8:30-10 am, NADS conference room

Friday 11/1 8:30-10 am, SC2258

Friday 12/6 8:30-10 am, NADS conference room

Click here for meeting minutes