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Welcome to the College of Engineering Human Resources page!  The HR Team is here to assist faculty and staff with any human resources needs including faculty and staff hiring, staff professional development, staff performance reviews, and managing leaves of absence.  Feel free to explore the basic information provided on this page and contact your HR Administrator listed below for assistance and/or consultation.  We'd love to hear from you!

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Jan Waterhouse, JD, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Director of Human Resources
Jan has been the Human Resources Director in the
College since 2010, and has worked in HR-related positions at the
University of Iowa since 1999 in the Office of Equal Opportunity
and Diversity and in the College of Nursing.  She leads all HR initiatives for
the College, and reports to both the College of Engineering Dean and the UI’s
Chief Human Resources Officer.

College of Engineering
3100 Seamans Center
Phone: 319-335-5767

Sandra Gerard, PHR
Human Resources Administrator
Sandy has been working in the College of Engineering
since 2010 and for the University of Iowa for over 25 years. She is a Human Resources
Administrator in the College and is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR).
Sandy provides HR services for IIHR—Hydroscience and Engineering including
the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) and Iowa Geological Survey (IGS),
as well as the Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD),
and the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS).

College of Engineering 
1 Hydraulics Wind Tunnel Annex  
Iowa City, IA 52242  USA 
Phone: 319 335-5217 

Sarah Lobb, MA
Human Resources Administrator
Sarah has been a Human Resources Administrator
in the College since August 2016. She previously
held positions as a Department Administrator in the Biomedical
Engineering department, a graduate assistant in the Office of
Student Financial Aid, and as a Business Administrator in the Chemical and
Biological Engineering department at Northwestern University.
Sarah provides HR services for all of the academic departments, administrative departments
including Engineering Student Services, Engineering Technology Centers, and
OASIS, and the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CBCB).

College of Engineering
3123 Seamans Center
Phone: 316-335-4787

All staff receive performance evaluations at least annually.  The annual reviews are due each year by March 31 so that the evaluation ratings can be considered when making July 1 salary decisions.

Performance evaluations are located on UI Self Service, Personal tab, under Performance/Career.  Either the staff member or the supervisor is able to launch a performance review form.  Regardless of who launches the form, it goes first to the staff member to enter his/her comments before being forwarded to the supervisor.

Changes for 2017-18 

  • The online Goal Plan will no longer be available after March 31, 2018.  
  • 2017-18 goals are still available to edit and attach to the 2017-18 evaluation form
  • To document 2018-19 goals, use the Goal Plan template found below, or you may use a different format, and attach it to the evaluation form.

Process Steps

The steps to complete the performance review process are outlined here, with more detailed information in the following sections:

  1. Employee or Supervisor:  Launch the performance evaluation document.
  2. Employee:  Update the 2017-18 goals and goal progress comments on the Goal Plan. *Note that the current “Goal Plan” in Self-Service will not be available after March 31, 2018 and next year’s goals will need to be entered on the “Goal Plan” template provided below.
  3. Employee:  Complete comments on Universal Competencies and Goals/Achievements sections.  Complete optional Self-Evaluation template and upload it to the review form.  Submit the form to the supervisor.
  4. Supervisor:  Complete comments on Universal Competencies and Goals/Achievements, and enter overall performance rating (see definitions below).  Save the form.
  5. Supervisor and Employee:  Meet to discuss the evaluation and establish goals for next year using the Goal Plan template provided below or a different format.
  6. Supervisor: Complete optional Performance Review Summary template and upload it to the review form.  Enter the date of the meeting. Upload 2018-19 Goal Plan.  Finalize the form which sends it back to the Employee for final signature.
  7. Employee:  Enter any final comments and finalize the form with an electronic signature. The form is automatically uploaded to the ePersonnel file.

A PowerPoint presentation explaining the steps of the review process is available for your review. 

Three Elements of the Annual Performance Evaluation Form

  1. Universal Competencies (required):  the staff member and the supervisor both have an opportunity to enter comments to describe the staff member’s efforts that demonstrate each competency.
  2. Employee Goals & Accomplishments (required): you will find a link to the staff member’s 2017-18 goals so they can be viewed directly from the performance evaluation.  However, to edit goals and enter progress notes about the goals, the staff member will need to navigate to the Goal Plan link on UI Self Service, outside of the performance evaluation.  The performance evaluation document has space for the staff member to enter summary comments about his/her accomplishments during the review period, which should be supported by the goals and comments in the Goal Plan page. To document goals for 2018-19, use the “Goal Plan” template provided below and attach it to the performance evaluation.
  3. Employee Performance Documents (optional):  provides the opportunity to upload other documents that you may wish to attach to the performance evaluation to document achievements.  The College of Engineering offers templates for staff and supervisors to use for an employee self-evaluation and for the supervisor’s overall review summary, as well as for a quarterly check-in. We encourage you to look at the templates to see if they may be useful in facilitating conversation about the employee’s work performance and needs.  If documents are uploaded, they can be automatically added to the staff member’s ePersonnel file when the evaluation is complete.

Optional Templates

2018-19 Goal Plan template *NEW*

Self-Evaluation Form

Performance Review Summary

Quarterly/Monthly Check-In

Performance Rating

The following five-point scale is being used to provide the overall performance rating.  The rating definitions are available here.

  • Outstanding
  • Exceeds Expectations
  • Successfully Meets Expectations
  • Needs Improvement
  • Unsatisfactory

Supervisors of merit staff have the option to select “No Rating.”

Please contact your HR Administrator if you have any questions or need assistance as you complete the performance evaluation process.  We are happy to help!


CoE Supervisor Development

The College of Engineering HR Team hosts periodic supervisor development sessions for CoE supervisors.  All supervisors are invited to attend in person as often as they can.  If you can’t attend a session, the materials are posted here for your reference along with video recordings of the presentations.  Please contact any member of the CoE HR Team if you have questions about any of the material.

Employee Engagement, Rewards and Recognition, June 8, 2018
Presentation Slides
Handouts | Survey

Hiring and Onboarding, February 23, 2018
Presentation slides

Goal-setting and Performance Evaluations, November 10, 2017
Presentation slides

Professional Development, Career Advancement and Promotion, September 28, 2017
Presentation slides

Performance Management and Feedback, July 28, 2017
Presentation slides

Future development sessions:
To be announced


Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Graduate Seminar Presentation - Dr. Robert Levy

Thursday, November, 15 - 3:30 pm

Dr. Robert Levy, Research Physical Scientist in the Climate and Radiation Laboratory at NASA, will be presenting at the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering graduate seminar.

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CBE Undergraduate Professional Seminar - Nalco Water/Ecolab

Thursday, November, 15 - 5:00 pm

Austin Bourgeois and Josh Galliart from Nalco Water/Ecolab will be presenting at the CBE Undergraduate Professional Seminar on Thursday, November 15th at 5:00pm.  We hope to see you there!

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The Science of Bees! with Kristine Nemec

Sunday, November, 18 - 2:00 pm

In conjunction with The Fragile Bee exhibit, Kristine Nemec from the Tall Grass Prairie Center through the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls will be speaking on the science of bees. Topics...

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