General Education Component for Students Admitted Prior to Summer 2015 (click here) 

General Education Component for Students Admitted Summer 2015 or Later (Below)

The General Education Component (GEC) of the College of Engineering curriculum requires at least 15 semester hours of course credit. The requirements are the following:

  1. Engineering Be Creative: Complete 3 s.h.
    The above link will take you to a list of courses on MyUI that have been approved and are offered during a specific semester (Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring).
    You can find a full list of the courses approved on the Engineering Be Creative Course List.

    NOTE: Certain sections have been designated "Restricted to Engineering Majors". If you require a prerequisite waiver to register for a Be Creative course, please complete the online request form.

  2. CLAS General Education Course:  Complete 3 s.h.
    Students must complete 3 s.h. of coursework from one of the approved CLAS GEC categories (listed below). The link above will provide students with a list of courses approved in the category that are offered during a specific semester (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Historical Perspectives 
    • International and Global Issues 
    • Interpretation of Literature 
    • Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts
    • Social Science
    • Values and Culture
    • World Languages

Students in the Industrial Engineering Program of Study are required to complete PSY:1001 Introduction to Psychology.

  1. Complete 9 s.h Approved Course Subjects: Students may choose courses from ANY of the subjects listed.


If you wish to complete a minor while satisfying the general education requirements click here.