GEC Options: Be Creative Course List

NOTE: Certain sections have been designated "Restricted to Engineering Majors". If you require a prerequisite waiver to register for a Be Creative course, please complete the online request form.

Subject Course(s)

Animation [ANIM]

ANIM:2125 Intro to Animation (Prerequisite Waiver Required)


Art and Art History [ARTS]

ARTS:1510 Basic Drawing 

ARTS:1520 Design Fundamentals 

ARTS:2800 Intro to Digital Arts   (Cross references: MUS, CINE, DANC, CS, THTR) 

Ceramics [CERM]

CERM:2010 Exploring Forms in Clay I (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

Cinematic Arts [CINE]

CINE:1100 The Art of Smartphone Filmmaking

CINE:1864 Modes of Film and Video Production 

CINE:2800 Intro to Digital Arts   (Cross references: MUS, ARTS, DANC, CS, THTR) 

Computer Science [CS]

CS:2800 Intro to Digital Arts   (Cross references: MUS:, CINE:, DANC, ARTS, THTR) 

Creative Nonfiction Writing [CNW]

CNW:1620 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

CNW:2680 The Art and Craft of Creative Nonfiction

CNW:2700 The Art and Craft of Personal Writing

CNW:2720 Art and Craft of Writing about Culture

CNW:2730 Art and Craft of Writing about Science

CNW:2740 Art and Craft of Environmental Writing

CNW:2770 Art and Craft of Writing for New Media

CNW:2780 Art and Craft of Writing about Sports

CNW:2790 The Art and Craft of Humor Writing

CNW:2830 Art and Craft of Immersion Journalism

CNW:2840 Art and Craft of Travel Writing

CNW:2850 Art and Craft of Writing about Politics

CNW:3632 Prose Style (Cross references: WRIT:3632)

CNW:4355 Approaches to Teaching Writing (Cross references: EDTL:4355)

Creative Writing [CW]

CW:2100 Creative Writing

CW:2870 Fiction Writing

CW:2875 Poetry Writing

CW:3003 Writing and Reading Science Fiction

CW:3005 Professional & Creative Business Comm (Cross references: INTD:3005)

CW:3107 Creative Writing for Health Professions (Cross references: INTD:3107)

CW:3210 Creative Writing and the Natural World (Cross references: INTD:3210)

CW:3215 Creative Writing and Popular Culture (Cross references: INTD:3300)

CW:3218 Creative Writing for New Media (Cross references: INTD:3200)

CW:4745 The Sentence: Strategies for Writing (Cross references: WRIT:4745)

CW:4751 Creative Writing for the Musician

CW:4760 The Art of Revision: Writing for Clarity (Cross references: WRIT:4760)

Dance [DANC] 

DANC:1055 The Art of Movement in the Creative Process 

DANC:1150 Brazilian Culture and Carnival (Cross references: LAS:1150)

DANC:2060 Dance and Society in Global Contexts (Cross references: DPA:2060)

DANC:2090 Lighting for Engineers and Dancers [Spring 2019]

DANC:2800 Intro to Digital Arts   (Cross references: MUS, CINE, ARTS, CS, THTR) 

Design [DSGN]

DSGN:2500 Graphic Design I (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

Metalworking and Jewelry [MTLS]

MTLS:2910 Introduction to Jewelry and Metal Arts (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

Music [MUS]

MUS:1012 Creativity in Music (3 sh)

MUS:1007 Garage Band: The Basics (2 sh)

MUS:2800 Intro to Digital Arts   (Cross references: ARTS, CINE0, DANC, CS, THTR) 

MUS:3285 New Musical Instruments: From Design to Performance

Painting [PNTG]

PNTG:2410 Painting I (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

Printing [PRNT]

PRNT:2610 Intro to Printmaking (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

Rhetoric [RHET]

RHET:3250 Persuasive Writing for Science and Healthcare Professionals

RHET:3260 Persuasive Speaking for Science and Healthcare Professional

Sculpture [SCLP]

SCLP:2810 Undergraduate Sculpture I (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

SCLP:3840 Robotic Art Studio

SCLP:4835 Electonic Objects and Spaces

SCLP:4840 Air, Actuators and Motors (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

Theatre Arts [THTR]

THTR:1140 Basic Acting

THTR:2200 Elements of Design 

THTR:2215 Intro Theatrical Production Technology

THTR:2220 Production Lab (Run Crew; Advanced Run Crew; Electrics) (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

THTR:2301 Playwriting I (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

THTR:2610 Acting for Success (Cross references: RHET: 2610)

THTR:2620 Improvisation for Engineers and Scientists

THTR:2800 Intro to Digital Arts   (Cross references: MUS, CINE, DANC, CS, ARTS) (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

THTR:3202 Graphic Design and Identity

THTR:3208 Mask and Puppet Crafts 

THTR:3210 Makeup Design for the Stage (Cross references: DPA:3210)

THTR:3230 Scene Design I (Cross references: ARTS: 3230)

THTR:3240 Costume Design I

THTR:3250 Lighting Design I

THTR:3260 Sound Design

THTR:3270 Entertainment Design (offered every other year)

THTR:3880 Installations & Interactive Performance (Cross references: DANC:3880)

THTR:3890 Directing for the Camera (Cross references: DANC:3890)

THTR:4270 Scenic Art

Three Dimensional Design [TDSN]

TDSN:2210 Problems in 3-D Design (Prerequisite Waiver Required)

TDSN:3250 Bicycle Design

University of Iowa Center for the Book [UICB]

UICB:4415 Calligraphy I: Foundational Hands

UICB:4100 Paperworks

UICB:2110:0001 Introduction to Book Arts: Thinking through Making

UICB:2110:0002 Introduction to Book Arts: Japanese and Western Hand Printmaking

UICB:3280 Elements of Book Arts

UICB:3380 Elements of Letterpress

UICB:4340 Digital Design for Artists’ Books