Why Visit The Hanson Center for Technical Communication?

Our mission is to help you express yourself as an engineer. Think of writing as a contact sport of the mind: a scrimmage of ideas and facts, cited sources and original opinions. Whether it’s a lab report or a proposal, a series of PowerPoint slides or a scholarship statement, our peer consultants will help you move the ball downfield by leading you through the process of drafts, feedback, and revision. Writing rewards patience and determination so don't wait to the last minute! Devoting time and effort to grow as a writer is the best preparation for a career in which success is often measured by the quality of your communications.

Who are the Peer Consultants?

They are engineering students who demonstrate exceptional promise as technical communicators. Peer consultants do not grade nor do they pass judgment on grades. Instead, by addressing global concerns (organization, clarity, and relevant analysis), they help fellow students turn rough drafts into professional reports and proposals.

Who are the Writing Consultants?

Writing Consultants work closely with engineering faculty as evaluators of student writing. Our consultants are professional writing instructors dedicated to helping engineers express their expertise. Individualized comments, combined with assignment-specific grading sheets, help students to gauge their growth as technical communicators through every stage of the writing process.

How Does the Center Help the College?

In 2011-2012, HCTC peer consultants worked with 1291 students (a number almost equal to the entire undergraduate community) during scheduled appointments at the Center. This level of traffic suggests that HCTC is an ideal forum for modeling the practice of technical communication—particularly when engineering students and tutors share the same discipline-specific interests and aspirations.

Is it Easy to Make an Appointment?

It could hardly be easier; just drop by the Hanson Center, which is located in 2224 SC, on the west wall of the Student Commons. A sign-up sheet is available for your convenience. Each time you visit the Center, a Contact Report will be completed, indicating the date you were seen and the help you received. You will receive a copy of the report, which we suggest you attach to your work so that your professor or T.A. will be aware that you attended the HCTC.

“What is written without effort is read without pleasure.”
Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) -- Johnson compiled the first dictionary of the English Language, and his words carry weight when it comes to the nature of good writing.