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Now Hiring for Fall 2017 - Engineering Tutor

The Engineering Tutorial Center is hiring tutors for Fall 2017! Tutors typically work one to three shifts per week (3 hours per shift), are paid for training and professional development, and can receive a tutoring certificate that is recognized on campus after two semesters of employment. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to become a Teaching Assistant or educator in the future. 


Please refer to the Engineering Tutor Job Description for a list of characteristic duties and responsibilities in addition to a complete list of desired job qualifications.


Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 11:59pm

Spring 2017 Tutor Application


Engineering Tutorial Center General Information

The Engineering Tutorial Center provides free group tutoring to students taking foundational and core courses in the Engineering curriculum. The Tutorial Center is staffed by undergraduate students who have been successful in the courses they tutor.


Before midterm exams, the Tutorial Center offers tutor led review sessions. Students find this resource helpful even if they do not attend tutoring on a regular basis. See the Review Schedule for a complete list of the reviews offered in Spring 2017. 

The Engineering Tutorial Center is a popular resource for students in the first three semesters of the Engineering curriculum. In spring 2016, we had over 3500 visits by 700 individual students. In fall 2016, we provided support to nearly 1100 students during 5890 visits.

Location: 3124 Seamans Center

Hours: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Sunday - ThursdayReview Schedules

Assistance is available for the following courses:
• Engineering Problem Solving I
• Principles of Chemistry I and II
• Introductory Physics I and II
• Engineering Math I - V
• Engineering Core Courses: Statics, Thermodynamics, Electrical Circuits

• Additional Major Specific Coursework - Ask the tutors at the front desk if someone is available.


Important Dates - Spring 2017:

Tutoring Closed: Sunday, March 12 - Sunday, March 19

Adjusted Tutor Schedule: Sunday, April 30 - Thursday, May 4


Visit the tutoring wall in the Student Development Center, 3124 SC, to find more information about the tutor schedule and review sessions.


Questions or Concerns?

Contact us: (319) 335-5763