Appeal Procedures

Students in the College of Engineering who wish to appeal certain academic actions or records (see below) must submit their requests in writing to the Appeals Committee, College of Engineering, Student Development Center, 3612 Seamans Center, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242.

Students submit their requests in writing but do not appear before the Committee. The Committee considers and recommends an action to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs regarding each request. Each student filing an Appeal will receive in writing a letter conveying the decisions of the Committee. The decisions of the committee are final. The Committee meets bi-annually to review appeals, in January and June, after submission deadlines. 

Retroactive Withdrawal from a Single Course:

The College of Engineering does not permit students to selectively withdraw from individual courses. The Second-Grade-Only Option should be considered as a means to resolve the situation.

Requests may include:

Revocation of Dismissal Immediately after Dismissal Is Imposed If extenuating circumstances, such as a disabling illness or a personal crisis, interfered with academic progress resulting in dismissal, a student may appeal for a revocation of the dismissal, based on careful and complete documentation of the extenuating circumstances. See also “Academic Standards” document.

Reinstatement in the College Students dismissed from the College due to poor scholarship may file a written appeal for reinstatement to re-enroll after an interval of at least one full academic year. Students dismissed for the second time may or may not be granted a second reinstatement. See also “Academic Standards” document.

Retroactive Withdrawal from an Academic Semester or Summer Session Students requesting a retroactive withdrawal of a specific semester must provide documentation substantiating the particular extenuating circumstance that occurred which was beyond their control.

Letter Conditions

Students filing an appeal should consider their letters carefully. The letters must meet the following conditions:

  • Be typewritten on 8 1/2” X 11” paper.
  • Include full name, student ID number, current address and current date.
  • Use the salutation “Dear Committee Members.”
  • Be signed (unsigned letters won’t be accepted and will cause a delay in the review of the appeal.)
  • Be brief, clear, complete, and concise.
  • State specifically the subject and nature of the appeal to be considered by the Committee.
  • Include supporting documentation of circumstances, including statements from healthcare professionals, if applicable.

Proofread the letter carefully. It represents you before the committee.

Supporting letters documenting illness or special circumstances must be solicited by the student from appropriate sources. Students may also wish to contact their faculty advisor, department chair, instructor &/or employer for letters of reference. The supporting person(s) should send these letters directly to the Appeals Committee, College of Engineering, Student Development Center, 3612 Seaman Center, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242.

The College of Engineering requests this information only for the purpose of ruling on the appeal. No persons outside the University are provided information without your permission, except for items of directory information such as name and local address. If you fail to provide the required information, the College will not be able to act on your appeal request.

Questions about appeals procedures should be directed to the Student Development Center, 3612 Seamans Center.