Grand Challenges Scholars Program

Grand Challenges for Engineering

The University of Iowa College of Engineering’s vision is to be recognized internationally for engineering education and research, and for leadership to the profession.  Our profession must rise to meet the challenges facing society this century. In particular, the National Academy of Engineering has identified fourteen “Grand Challenges” which will require innovative engineering solutions, developed in conjunction with professionals from a broad range of disciplines.

The University of Iowa College of Engineering was the one of the first ten institutions in the country to have an approved Engineering Grand Challenge Scholars Program and the first in the Big Ten.

Engineering has accompished a great deal in the last century. A few of these accomplishments include the widespread distribution of electricity and clean water for public health, the advent of automobiles and airplanes for transportation and the development of radio and television for communication. The accomplishments also include widespread adoption of antibiotics and medical imaging for human health, and the advent of computers and the Internet to transform the ways people interact. Click here for more on the Great Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century.

For more information about the program, contact:
Kelli Delfosse
Director, Engineering Professional Development
The University of Iowa, College of Engineering
3124 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts & Sciences
Iowa City, IA 52242