Grand Challenges Scholars Application

Grand Challenges Scholars Program Application

Please complete the fields in the application below as well as submit the required documents to apply for the Grand Challenges Scholars Program.  Details of the program requirements and components are available in the program description.  Interested students are encouraged to review the web site and research a grand challenge of interest.  Students can then make an appointment with Kelli Delfosse in the Student Development Center, 3124 SC, to discuss the application process and program requirements. The application deadline is Monday, November 30, 2015 for second or third year students and Friday, April 1, 2016 for first-year students; however, applications received after this date may be considered based on the availability of funds.

Required Documents  - Please email the following documents in a PDF format to to complete your application:

1.  Essay #1 - Discuss the motivation to pursue the chosen Grand Challenge.
2.  Essay #2 - Outline plans for completing the five curricular components of the Grand Challenges Scholars Program, including which engagement level is anticipated for each componenet and how this scholarship's programmatic support ($1000/year) will be spent. (400 Word Max)
3.  Resume including information pertinent to predicted success as a Grand Challenges Scholar such as educational background, professional experience and service activities (two page maximum)
4.  Letter from the Faculty Research Advisor to the program coordinator, verifying that they will supervise the applicant in research relevant to the chosen Grand Challenge.  The letter should include an estimate of student time involved, expectations for publications or presentations, and the source of research support (i.e., from the advisor vs from the program)


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