Technological Entrepreneurship Certificate Program application

Students wishing to complete the Technological Entrepreneurship Certificate through the College of Engineering may complete the form and submit the list of courses they will complete in order to receive the certificate. Once course list is approved students will receive an email. Use this form if you wish to apply for an Technological Entrepreneurship Certificate along with an engineering degree.

Enter your Student ID number
Your degree major
Enter your expected date of graduation
Enter the number of semester-hours you have earned to-date
Enter your cumulative University of Iowa GPA

Check the courses you have completed.

At least one of these courses must be completed
Both of these two courses must be completed
Academic Program Entrepreneurial Course (See departmental executive officer for substitutions)
Check the elective courses you have completed or plan to complete. Any 6T:XXX course can be used for an elective - including those courses no longer offered, or new courses that may be introduced.
Please enter course number(s) if you selected "Other" in above Elective Courses list