American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

Professional and technical organization affiliated with Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. The UI AIChE student chapter received its charter from the National AIChE Organization in 1924.  In recent years, the major activity of the UI AIChE student chapter has involved weekly meetings at which external speakers, primarily from industry, discuss their work in the chemical engineering profession and/or how their chemical engineering background has contributed to their careers (e.g., in law or medicine).

Other activities of the student chapter include (i) plant trips, (ii) attending regional and national AIChE meetings and participating in the ChemE Car and ChemE Jeopardy competitions at these meetings, and (iii) hosting two day camps annually, typically a Halloween day camp in the fall and an Earth Day day camp in the spring, for young children (typically, kindergarten through 4th grade) to expose the children to science and engineering. (updated for 2019-20)

Faculty Advisor: 
Faculty Advisor Phone: 
Elizabeth Occhi
Vice President
Katelyn Murhammer
Collin Sindt
Yuejia Gu
Patrick Henkhaus
Newsletter Editor
Mackenzie Curran
Day Camp Coordinator
Brittany Workman
Day Camp Coordinator
Natalie Kyaw
Day Camp Coordinator
Payton Biddle
Social Chair
Calvin Hynek
Webmaster (Social Media Liason)
Elanna Neppel
Chem-E car coordinator
Michael Leyden
Chem-E car coordinator
Esmeralda Orozco