Jessica Brown

I am a third-year computer Science and Engineering major. My two main interests in school have always been writing and mathematics, but unfortunately engineering does not require a study of literature or language, and with the time commitment of being an engineering student, I don't have much extra time to join organizations outside of the College of Engineering. By starting a job with the Hanson Center for Technical Communications, I have found a way to intermingle my love for writing with my engineering course work and keep my writing and reading practices consistent.

McCabe (Mac) Barrett

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
EFA: Civil Engineering Practice
Hometown: Oak Park, IL
Engineering Experiences: Interned with LT Leon Associates during the summer of 2017. I helped construct the University of Iowa American Society of Civil Engineer’s concrete canoe during my sophomore and junior year.
Interests: I own three hermit crabs: Lightning McCrabinator, Tiny Turbo, and Turbo Tiny. I enjoy hiking, cooking, and procrastinating.
I took a position at the HCTC because I would like to enter consulting someday, and I figured the job would help develop my communication skills. I also find language and writing interesting. 

Elly Martens

Hi everyone! My name is Elly Martens, and I am currently a junior studying Biomedical Engineering, Latin American Studies, and Spanish. Since I started working at the Hanson Center for Technical Communication, I've gained a much greater appreciation for technical writing skills than I had in the past. One of my favorite aspects of being a peer consultant at the HCTC is when I get to review someone's resume. It's always so interesting to see a snapshot of a person's past experiences, personal interests, and future goals and aspirations. It's also a great way to learn about various student organizations and volunteer opportunities that people are involved in on campus.

Aside from academia and the HCTC, I am an amateur author and photographer, an avid traveler, co-vice president of the student organization Continental Crossings, and I volunteer at the Carver Medical Device Design Lab.

Mandy Gavin

Graduation: May 2018
Major: Industrial Engineering
Focus: Energy and Sustainability
Years at Hanson Center: 1.5
Notable Course Experience: Statics, Materials Science, Rhetoric

Involvement: Along with working at the HCTC, I am an intern at the University of Iowa Power Plant where I write preventative maintenance procedures and assist in planning an inventory management initiative. I am also actively involved in the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers as a Co-Director for the regional conference our chapter will be hosting in February!
Hobbies: I enjoy Hawkeye basketball, breakfast food, bonfires, listening to music, learning Spanish, reading, playing euchre, and watching horror movies.
Tutoring special interests: It’s fun to see a variety of written works in the center including rhetoric essays, statics papers, and personal statements, but I especially love helping with resumes!
Fun Fact: I was one of the statics essay award winners in fall 2015!
Why I like writing: I enjoy tackling all the challenges associated with writing. Each one is different, from organizing content, to choosing words, to creating a memorable conclusion. However, the best part of writing is figuring out how to be creative while overcoming these challenges. While sometimes the process can be frustrating, in the end it is satisfying and rewarding to know that I have communicated my unique ideas clearly and effectively.

Jackie Ricke

Major: Chemical Engineering
Minors: Chemistry and Business
Hometown: Sioux City, IA

Engineering Experiences: I worked at Wells Enterprises, the makers of Blue Bunny ice cream, during the summer between my sophomore and junior years (Summer 2016) and over winter break of my junior year (Winter 2016-2017). I also worked at Quaker Oats (PepsiCo) in Cedar Rapids this past summer (2017). I have taken a lot of lab classes, including Materials Science and several ChemE labs, so I am well-versed in lab report writing in particular.
Involvement: I have been most involved in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). I was the fundraising chair my sophomore year, the president my junior year, and am the vice president internal this year. I am also on the executive board of Omega Chi Epsilon (OXE) as a Help Session Co-Cooridnator. I work as the Academic Peer Advisor for Chemical and Biochemical Engineering in the Student Development Center as well.
Interests: In my free time, enjoy attending Iowa sporting events, reading, staying involved in student orgs, and watching Netflix.
Writing Experience: I have been working in the Hanson Center for Technical Communication (HCTC) since Spring 2015. I have taken several classes we see the most reports from, including Materials Science, Statics, and the core ChemE lab report and topical paper classes. I have also written scholarship thank you letters in the past. I have been working on my own resume and cover letters when applying for jobs over the past few years, and have read several personal statements.

Allison Rowe

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: English
EFA: Biomechanics and Design
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Year: Sophomore

Besides working as a HCTC Peer Writing Tutor, I am also an Engineering Ambassador and a Grand Challenges Fellow.  Through the Grand Challenges Program, I conduct research in vascular biomechanics and medical device design with Professor Vigmostad.  In my remaining free time, I take part in Greek Life, intramural volleyball, and Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE).  This past summer, I studied abroad in Ireland through a program focused on nonfiction creative writing and Irish literature and culture. I love working at the HCTC because it has allowed me to combine two of my greatest passions: engineering and writing.

Naomi Smullen

Voted Most Likely to Be Asked "Why are you in Iowa?"

I'm a senior (super-senior in the making) in English and Creative Writing, native to San Diego but my hometown and soul is in Las Cruces, NM. When I first arrived to Iowa City I was an engineering student with an interest in English however, I'm now an English student with an interest in engineering. I've worked at the Hanson Center since my freshman year and plan to continue working here because I love what I do. I'm experienced in everything from thank you letters to graduate school applications but I haven't seen it all yet, so come in with anything you have (especially rhetoric/creative writing). Currently reading at a 2 books/week pace, sneaking into Society of Women Engineers events, and watching vine compilations on YouTube at 1 in the morning. 

Anita Thammavongsa

Hometown: Albertville, MN
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Biology

Involvement: I have been involved with the Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) program, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Dance Marathon, On Iowa!, and Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (oSTEM). I am a Student Ambassador for Student United Way as part of the Serve Iowa initiative. I am also a research assistant for the Iowa Neuroimaging and Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Laboratory.
Interests: I enjoy writing short stories, poems, letters, and new puns, which is why like working in the HCTC because I can enjoy both writing and engineering. I enjoy playing soccer and being active. My favorite TV shows are Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Grace and Frankie, and 30 Rock. I also like to draw with oil pastels when I have free time.