Taking Summer Courses

While taking summer courses as an engineer is definitely not required, it can be a great option for some students, depending on their major, the courses they have already completed, and their specific plan of study.  

If you are considering enrolling in summer classes, use your major’s curriculum guide and your degree audit to consider possible courses. To discuss the best options for your individual situation, reach out to your academic advisor or join daily drop-in hours with the Peer Advisors.  


Ask yourself the following: 

  • Institution: Where would you like to take courses - the University of Iowa, a college near home, or another institution offering virtual courses? 
  • Timing: When are courses offered at the school you are considering? 
  • Duration: How many weeks is the course? How many times does the course meet each week? Note that some summer courses are very condensed and can be quite time-consuming. 
  • Delivery Mode: Do you prefer in person or online learning? 
  • Other commitments: What additional summer commitments do you already have that may conflict with taking courses (job, internship, family plans, travel, etc.)? 

Summer at the University of Iowa

  • All Engineering students are automatically authorized to register for University of Iowa summer classes. Your individual summer registration date and time is listed on MyUI. 
  • You do not need to meet with an advisor prior to summer registration, but you are encouraged to reach out with any questions via email, drop-ins, or by appointment. 

Summer Course Registration: March 8-12, 2021

  • Summer courses offered through UI are currently displayed on MyUI-Courses and Registration by selecting Summer 2021 in the session dropdown menu. Carefully review course dates, meeting times, and course delivery mode, as summer courses vary in format. 
  • Review the “Registration Information” for each course as it may include critical information regarding attendance and testing requirements.  
  • To search for entirely virtual options, select “Web” and “web/online” at the bottom of the MyUI course search.  
  • To learn more about a specific course, contact the course instructor listed in MyUI; if no instructor is listed yet, contact the department offering the course.  
  • If you are planning to take courses at Iowa this summer, register by 8:00 am April 26, 2021. Courses offered by the College of Engineering must reach a minimum of 25 students by this time to be offered during the summer session.  

Summer courses typically offered at Iowa    

This list is subject to change- check MyUI for summer 2021 availability. 

  • Engineering Math II, III, IV 
  • Principles of Chemistry I and II 
  • Introductory Physics I  
  • Statics, Circuits, Thermodynamics  
  • Dynamics, Materials Science, and Def Bods  
  • Cell Biology for Engineers  
  • Foundations of Biology 
  • Organic Chemistry  
  • Computer Science Fundamentals 
  • Other CLAS courses required in certain majors – check by subject code (ex. CS) 
  • Numerous general education course options 

  Check MyUI for additional course options and details on timing and delivery mode. 

University of Iowa Summer Course Costs

You can review Summer 2021 tuition and fees rates on the Registrar's Tuition and Fee Tables webpage. Select the College of Engineering on the top right dropdown and then scroll down to the appropriate table for your resident status and classification. To verify which classification to use or for additional questions about tuition and fees, contact the UI Service Center.

Mandatory Fees:

Students who are living outside Johnson County and taking University of Iowa online courses or courses at a location outside of Johnson County may request a reduction in Mandatory Fees that are classified as Location Fees.  These fees are Student Health Service, Mental Health, Student Activity, Student Services, Student Union, Arts and Cultural Events, and Recreation Facility fees.  No other mandatory fees are appealable.

To submit a Location Mandatory Fee Appeal Form click here.

Find more information about mandatory fees, visit the Registrar's Mandatory Fees webpage.

Summer at another institution

  • Once you decide which institution you would like to attend, refer to the transfer guides below to determine which courses are equivalent to those required for your degree and will transfer to the University of Iowa:  
  • Review the institution’s course catalogue or contact them to learn more about the courses they offer during the summer, including course dates, delivery mode, and any prerequisites required. 
  • Follow admissions and enrollment procedures for the individual institution you plan to attend. If you are asked to provide a transcript from the University of Iowa, you can request one on MyUI. 
  • After completing the course(s), request that your summer institution send an official transcript to the University of Iowa: 
    • Office of Admissions 
    • The University of Iowa 
    • 108 Calvin Hall 
    • Iowa City, IA USA 52242-1396 
  • NOTE: If the summer course you plan to take is a prerequisite for a fall course, you will be required to provide proof of your summer registration in order to enroll in the fall course. You will upload this via a form on MyUI. To avoid being dropped from the fall course prior to the start of the semester, ensure that you request your summer transcript as soon as the course is complete. Reach out to your academic advisor with any questions.