Scholarship Thank You Letters: Instructions and Samples

This fall, all thank you letters will be reviewed online; there will be no in-person tutoring appointments for thank you letters. You will submit your letter through our online schedule:

Our turnaround time will be up to 72 hours from the date and time of your appointment.

Our submission deadline for all letters was October 1, 2019. To accommodate the number of students who have not yet had their reviews, our submission deadline is now October 9, 2019.

Once you have completed your HCTC appointment and made your revisions, follow these steps:

  1. Update the date on the letter if it isn’t within the last two days.
  2. Print two copies of your finalized letter.
  3. Mail one letter directly to your donor. You can get an envelope from the Hanson Center in 3307 SC. You can buy a book of stamps at CVS or individual stamps at Iowa Book.
  4. Bring the second copy of your letter to the dean’s office (3100 SC). It does not need to be in an envelope.

The final deadline for mailing your letter to your donor is October 4, but if your review is after that date, mail the letter as soon as possible after your review.

If you have any questions, please email Assistant Director Sarah Livesay at

Scholarship Thank You Letter Sample - 1  ( PDF )
Scholarship Thank You Letter Sample - 2  ( PDF )

Writing Effective Thank You Letters ( PDF )