University Honors - Engineering Alternative Curricular Requirements


Requirement: Take at least one Honors course in your first semester in the program and earn a minimum of 6 s.h. of honors coursework total.

Requirement: Earn the remaining amount of credit needed to complete 24 total Honors credits through a combination of 6-12 s.h. coursework and 12-18 experiential learning credits. Half of the 24 total credits (12) must be completed within six semesters of full-time registration as an honors student.


Engineering Honors Coursework

Honors designated coursework:

  • ENGR:1100, project section
  • RHET:1030
  • CHEM:1110
  • CHEM:1120 (only spring session)
  • BIOL:1411
  • General Education Coursework
    • On MyUI, click on "Courses" at the top, then select "Honors Courses" on the right-hand side. The page will list all honors classes available for that given semester. You can also search previous semesters to see how often a specific class is offered.

Departmental courses


Experiential Learning Opportunities

Your Experiential Learning credits can be earned through one or more of the following experiences:


Engineering community engagement experience verification - Used to verify completion of Engineering Community Engagement Experiences.